Prompt treatment and this website saved my cat from Hartz poison

Yesterday evening, I applied only one tube of this horrific flea treatment product in-between one of my cat?s shoulder blades, following the instructions strictly. During the night I heard both my cats making noises but didn?t get up to see what was happening. The next morning, at 5 am, my 3-year-old cat Shenanigans had a large red, scalded patch on the area where I had placed the treatment. I immediately pulled off the Hertz flea treatment collar I’d put on my other second cat and rinsed Shenanigans.

I left for work at 5.30 am – very worried. When I got to work I quickly came across this website and FREAKED OUT! I left work, came home and rushed my kitty – who was by now dry heaving – to the vet. The vet confirmed that my kitty was a victim of Hartz poisioning and quickly administered antibiotics and gave her a good bath.

While Shenanigans was hospitalized, I contacted the Hartz customer service number on the product package. They were closed so I was referred to an outside number 888-875-1707. The person I spoke to stated he was a medical advisor for Hartz Corporation and not a member of the Customer Service team. He kept saying he wasn’t affiliated with Hartz and seemed to get very defensive and was rather rude – even though I was doing my very best to stay polite (a very large effort as you can imagine). I asked this representative if I should ask the vet to run blood tests to support the evidence for my claim and he was not able to answer my question.

I am very pleased to learn from your website that this product will be removed from retail at the end of March 2006. I am sending prayers to all the victims of this callous corporate affair and am so so grateful that all my kitty seems to have suffered is a nasty burn (though God knows what’s going on inside her poor body right now). I believe the only reason she survived this ordeal is because she weighs a hearty 12lbs and the product I used was for cats 10lbs and under. If I’d had used the recommended product for her weight, I believe she would be dead.

I am a 29-year-old woman and have lived and worked all round the world within many harsh cultures and it is no news to me that planet Earth can be a cruel place. However it does come as a shock to me that in a country as modern and humane as America, such a unsafe product can be freely bought in a ?respectable? store such as Target for use on domestic animals. I’ve written to Hartz urging them humbly and from the bottom of my soul, to remove these products from retail before March 2006. Shenanigans, thank God in heaven, survived but others have not.

I am writing to all the official bodies, to every email address in my book, Stella McCartney (the UK animal rights advocate married to Beatle Paul McCartney) and my local paper. I don’t know what else to do. I just want to get the word out there about this product before more kitties die in the run up to March 2006. At this stage I don’t think there will be any more repsonse from Hartz but if anyone has any ideas for an awareness campaign count me in.

We all know there is enough misery in this world without any need to add more for the sake of corporate gain. Everyday that these products are on the shelf, Hartz is breaking hearts. I just never imagined that a pet company could be so consciously cruel.

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