another horror story

on December 26/05 I treated both of my cats with Zodiac. By late that evening one of my cats began to convulse and we rushed her to the vet to be told she was having the human equivalent of grand mal seizures and would likely not survive. i was also advised to immediatly bath my other cat to remove any traces of the treatment and to keep a close watch on her for symptoms as well. Luckily Dakota was fine and showed no sign of seizures or other ill effects however Kylee had slipped into a coma after all possible drugs to stop the seizures had been given to her. We maintained a vigil at the clinic constantly talking to her and trying to stimulate her . I believe as with humans that in a comatose state that you are still aware of voices and touch and we used that theory to let Kylee know we were there for her and hoped it would give her strength to fight. Fortunately our vigil did pay off and Kylee is on the road to recovery but we may not know how much neurological damage she suffered as a result of the seizures and subsequent treatment. I vow to never use an “over the counter” flea treatment or any other product not recommended by our vet. I have yet to receive my bill for her treatment as she was also an after hours emergency I suspect it will be large but definately better than burying my beloved pet>

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