Hartz 2in1 Flea and Tick Spray

I bought Hartz 2in1 flea and Tick Spray and used it Twice in @ week’s on My Rottwieler’s . My oldest rotty {rebel} strrted Loosing control of his Muscle Control in his Back Legs though it was only Minor in Him . BUT My other Rotty { Max } HAS LOST TOTAL CONTROL of HIS BACK LEGS !! I have Wasked Both Dogs TWICE and Rebel has Recovered and Got Muscle Control back in w week ! BUT MAX Has NOT YET !! IT’S Bad Enough that He has to be Have his Back Quarter Lifted Up and Carried So He Can Walk . and it’s Worse that He CAN’T WITHOUT HELP GO OUT and USE THE BATHROOM He Just did it right where He Layed . NOW THATS BS !!! He tries to Move Around BUT Has to DRAG his BACK QUARTER . HARTZ NEEDS to NOT PUT ANY PRODUCT THAT THEY WOULD NOT USE on THEIR PET ON THE MARKET !!! ALSO a LAWSUIT NEEDED TO BE BROUGHT AGIANST THEM . Has ANYONE ELSE HAD this Problem with Their Pet { DOG } ?

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