Poisoned My Kitten

I have a four month old kitten. During the chaos of Hurricane Wilma, I discovered that my kitten and dog both had fleas. Never having had this problem before in my 11+ years having my dog, I can only come to the conclusion that the stray kitten we took in brought in the fleas (though she was checked by a vet right after we found her). I went to the grocery store, as they were run on a generator, and bought the Hartz Flea and Tick treatment that you put between the shoulder blades, specifically buying the formula for kittens over 12 weeks old, and for the dog also. I bathed them both with Sargent flea shampoo (dog and cat types) and then applied the Hartz products. My dog did fine. My kitten had an immediate and severe reaction. She developed very obvious neurological problems. She had problems standing and walking, couldn’t focus her eyes and had terrible tremors. Because of the Hurricane, no vets were open for me to take her to and I thought she was a goner. I called my out of state vet and he had me bathe her in dish soap and force feed her liquids. She is much better now, but I cannot believe that this product is on the market. He told me he has had numerous pets that he has had to put down because of these Hartz products.

Close call

I have a recently aquired a older kitten. She is about 9 months old. She has been fairly infested with fleas, and after an extensive flea coming, I decided to treat her with flea drops.

I have always used Frontline in the past on all my pets(2 dogs, 4 cats). This fall however, I have been strapped for cash, as we had a very special cat die of feline infectious peritonitis. That was a very expensive ordeal as well as traumatic to all concerned.

Anyways, our newest cat, Nisel has turned out to be an exceptional cat as well. For some reason, I had a package of Hartz flea drops for dogs, and one for Cats/kittens. I used the medication on both dogs and all was fine. Then I used the one for cats/kittens on our new cat. This was at 10pm. By 4am, she was trembling, her eyes were twitching non stop, and should couldn’t hold a arm up or even walk.

I immediatly suspected the medication, and did a search on feline flea drops and wow! I could not believe what I saw. Hundreds of pages relating to the exact Hartz medication I had used. I called the local emergency vet hospital and they told me to give her a bath at once, keep her warm, quiet and in the dark.

Fortunatly after doing all these, and her curled up in my bed all night, ahe seems completely back to normal the next morning.

I’m sure this was a mild reaction compared to alot of other pets, but nonetheless it really scared the crap out of me. The next day after talking to my regular vet, and other people, I can not believe all the horror stories I am hearing about this medication.

It was totally stupid on my part to just assume the Hartz medication was just as good as Frontline. Even with that, I will not use any meds on this particular cat in the future.

This medication was “Hartz ADVANCED CARE Brand Flea & Tick Drops Plus+”
I know my cat was very lucky. I just hope this doesn’t happen to any more pets, and this stuff is off the shelves ASAP.

Cat’s hair fell out

Just wanted to share my Hartz horror story. I thought I would save a little money and buy Hartz flea medicine instead of Advantage. I actually was delighted to see they now had the cheaper flea medicine for cats = they had it out for dogs for years. I put the tube on my 8 year old cat (9 lbs.) in the evening. The next day when I came home from work there were piles of her hair everywhere. It was very strange. At first I thought it couldnt be her hair & wondered what it could be. But then I went & pulled on her hair & it gave way. I called Hartz & they told me I needed to bathe the cat 3 times = once with dish detergent & twice with a mild shampoo. (Which is nearly impossible = especially by yourself.) They said she was obviously having an allergic reaction to the medicine. They also sent me a refund for the purchase price of the medicine.