Dog Flea Shampoo

I have a cocker spaniel, a 1 year old. We named him Runnie. He is a playful, adorable, and get dirty very easily. Well when we got him, he was filthy and was a flea barn. My sister and dad found him on a big busy street and could have been killed. Immediately, we went to Petco and bought many dog supplies, and a very good shampoo and dog conditioner to get rid of fleas. When we got home I gave him a bath. When he came out, there were NO fleas, and his hair was silky, clean and he smelled wonderful. Then my other dog Jade began to get fleas out of no where. So once again, my puppy had fleas. Great. Then we went to Pavilions and got Hartz Flea Shampoo, not knowing any risks. So I gave him a bath. After his hair wasn’t quite smooth, he didn’t smell good at all, and he was still dirty. When I dried him, he still had fleas running on his stomach and on his face. The second day, my puppy kept vommitting and shaking. When he shook he couldn’t walk properly and he always fell down. We also fed him healthy, his dry dog food and sometimes we spoiled him with canned meat from a fabulous brand. It was so unusual. We though he was sick so we bought him sweaters and wanted to take him to the vet. We didn’t think it was the Hartz so we continued using it yet it never worked and the same problems kept happening. So we went to go buy a flea collar and we did. I forgot the instructions so I pondered onto the internet and found the instructions. Just as I grabbed the collar I saw this website link. I read a couple of stories and told my dad. I threw out the shampoo out and the flea collar. I realized those side effects were coming from the shampoo. I am thankful to see this site, yet it is horrible how they still sell these products that can actually kill and injure your pet badly.


so sorry

I already submitted a story but would like to extend my sympathies to everyone who has lost a pet because of this poison that is still on the market.
These stories are so hard to read but people need to know what can happen if they use this stuff.

Close Call

This week we gave our cat Tweak a dose of the Hartz flea drops. I was trying to save money by buying that instead of Frontline. I assumed that with a name like Hartz it could be trusted. A little while after giving it to her, I started to notice that she was acting strange, and I checked the back of the package and she had a few of the symptoms. I didn’t realize how serious it could be and it was after 5 so I didn’t call the vet til the next day. I was at work and my husband told me he hadn’t seen her all day. This was unusual so I left work at 4 and went home. After much searching, we finally found her hiding in a closet and very weak and sick. We rushed her to the vet who gave her a bath, an antidote and a test to see if there was kidney damage. He said the test looked good. This visit cost over $200, an unexpected expense, but of course it was worth it to save her life. I will never use another Hartz product and am on a crusade to make sure no one else does either.

Hartz 3-in-1 Horror!

On the evening of October 27th, I purchased Hartz’s 3-in-1 feline flea collars from our local Walmart and put them on my cats when I arrived home. The cats seemed to go nuts from the start–but I figured it was because they’re not used to wearing collars (they’re indoor kitties, the fleas came from our new neighbor who likes to visit us with her dog). I noticed that our youngest, Chompers, seemed to be getting bumps on her head and neck–we assumed these were just flea bites. Buster, our oldest, was keeping us up at night with constant whaling. He was inconsolable! He kept scratching at his neck and he was acting like he wasn’t feeling well, so on November 8th I ran my finger along his neck under the collar and it felt wet and scabby. We took the collar off to find that the fur under the collar was GONE and the skin was pussy, scabby, and inflamed. There are clumps of bloody hair still stuck to the collar (which I have preserved in a ziplock bag to send to Hartz). His hair was coming out in chunks and his whole head was broken out under his remaining fur. We took him to the vet who confirmed that Buster had been poisoned by his Hartz flea collar. Like many of the other people on this website, we learned that this is a VERY COMMON reaction to Hartz’s products! The vets cleaned, shaved, and medicated Buster. He will be taking antibiotics for several weeks–and the risk of death is still present. Our vet said we were extremely lucky, she has seen many animals die from toxic Hartz products. I had no idea this was a risk, or I would NEVER have used their aweful poison. Once we returned home with Buster, Chompers had begun vomitting and couldn’t seem to stop. I immediately took her to the vet (we had removed all their collars after seeing Buster’s neck). She was missing some fur around her head and neck, though not to the extent that Buster was. After the vet bathed Chompers, she brushed back her coat to show me little red sores covering her entire head/back/neck. They were bright red and ALL over her, I can’t believe we let this happen. Chomps had to stay at the vet for awhile to be observed, but she is home now. The vet bill is over $160 (so far). I have a third cat who is missing some fur around the neck, too, and he has been scratching frantically at it this evening–so we will likely need to take him in tomorrow.

I called Hartz this afternoon and spoke to someone in customer service who was not the least bit shocked or concerned about our situation. She didn’t even ask if the animals were okay!! She told me to get documentation from the vet and send it in with my receipt, which would then be followed up by an “investigation”. No apology, no sympathy, no explanation. I was looking at Buster (who is slightly less aweful looking than the cat on your home page) and wondering how Hartz is getting away with this. They obviously don’t even care about animals at all. It’s all about the money.

I have emailed everyone I know, told coworkers, and posted via my experience with Hartz’s flea collars. I will continue to do whatever I can to see that these products are removed from store shelves. I plan to contact my local media and beg for coverage. I encourage any of you who have similar Hartz experiences to do the same–people NEED to know! If I had known, I wouldn’t have used this product. I’m just glad that my kitties are still alive (so far). Keep your fingers crossed for them.


My cat Skylar is 7 years old and 14 pounds, she has never had fleas. We recently added a 7 week old baby kitten named Chicken Head to the family (my husband named her). When Chicken Head came home she also brought a family of fleas with her, which of course took up residence on Skylar as well. I went to Walmart looking for products to rid my babies of these nasty bugs. Thank God I read the box to see that Chicken Head (only 2 pounds) was too young/small for any of the Hartz flea and tick drops. The vet informed that they could have killed her had I used them on her. Luckily I bought a flea shampoo (made by another company) and we bathed her with no side effects. Skylar was another story. We put the Hartz Flea and Tick treatment that you put between the shoulder blades on her. That night she seemed okay, but the next morning I noticed that she was acting really weird. She would normally greet us at the door and want to sit with my husband and I on the couch when we watched TV. Although she was not very fond of Chicken Head, she was usually very interested in what the kitten was doing and would follow her from room to room to observe her. But now she just camped out in the closet and would not move. She did not get up to do anything. She laid there completely oblivious to what was going on around her. I actually had to force her to eat, because she would not even get up to do that. I had no idea what was going on, I thought she was just depressed about the kitten joining the family. This went on for about a day and a half before I called the vet. He told me to wash her immediately. Within hours she was alert and moving around. I know that Skylar’s reaction was a lot milder than what other cat owners have experienced. But if you are like me, you don’t want your pets to experience any discomfort or pain, so I wanted to share my story, so that others could recognize even the most minimal side effects of the Hartz products, and future kitties can be spared any discomfort! The vet told me that the toxicity level of Hartz was too high for most animals to tolerate. After a little research I found out that the primary ingredient in Hartz is phenothrin which is a chemical pesticide that has been banned for use as a lawn pesticide due to the toxicity level. I cannot believe that a product that is too toxic to be used on your lawn is being applied directly to the skin/fur of our pets. Hartz needs to be removed from the shelves. Lexington, KY

My kitten died from Sergeants Flea Mousse

My kitten(6 months old) had fleas so i went to go buy him some kind of flea fourmula. Well i didnt know it would kill my kitten!! It turned out to be a kitten killer not a flea killer!! I noticed he was throwing up “green” and i thought it was a flu. But it continued so i took him to the vet and they said that he had toxic poisoning. The vet said they would keep him for that day on IV to flush out he poison. At around 5:00, we went to go pick him up. At 9:00 he threw up a lot of green(poison and while he did that he screamed!) and after he did that he died on the spot. On Wendsday.November.2.2005 he passed away!! Somebody from Sergeants is coming to talk with us about it. Well it doesnt matter what they want to give us they will never bring my cat back!!!

We all miss you running around the house SNEAKERS!!

My experience of Hartz dog products and fleas

Do you only have negative stories?

I suddenly discovered that I had a severe flea infestation on my dog and in my apartment. I bought Hartz ‘3 in 1’ Home Spray containing S-Methoprene and Permethrin. The permethrin is to kill adult fleas and it was only moderately effective; I followed the instructions completely I washed my dog’s bed and vacuumed and sprayed every square inch of floor surface yet I was still getting bitten 2 or 3 times a day by pepper speck size baby fleas.

It took about a month but I find the methoprene was extremely effective at keeping new flea eggs from developing because the biting babes completely disappeared!

I’ve also been using the green Hartz Rid Flea ‘2 in 1’ shampoo on my 80 pound Dane/Greyhound dog. I used it 4 times over a month; the dog NEVER had any sort of negative reaction to it and it does kill fleas I saw several in the bath water, but it seems to have ZERO residual effect, after the dog has been bathed fleas from the environment can go right back on for a ride.

The Rid Flea shampoo did not kill 100% of fleas on the dog I would say only 98%. I did follow instructions completely and lathered the dog from head to foot to tip of tail.

The methroprene in the Home Spray broke the flea life cycle but I still needed something with a residual effect to COMPLETELY kill fleas on the dog. Finally I bought Hartz 3 in 1 Dog Spray containing Tetrachlorvinphos and S-Methoprene. I wore rubber gloves when applying it to the dog and she had no reaction to it. I’m pleased to say the tetrachlorvinphos KICKS ASS! I’ve finally got rid of the fleas on the dog with this; 4 days after applying it I found dead adult fleas in the dog’s tail.

I know that tetrachlorvinphos is considered by many a carcingoen but I don’t care because I’m only going to use it a few times.

I’m going to be using Revolution in the mean time Hartz saved me a lot of money. My dog did not have an adverse reaction to any of the 3 Hartz products I used.

Sergeants Flea Mousse killed my 6 month kitten

My kitten had fleas so i went out to buy some kind of a flea killer, well it turned out to be a kitten killer instead!!! We did what it said on the bottle. A day later we noticed that my kitten was throwing up “green” i thought it was just a flu. But the end of that day i took him to the vets and they came out saying that he had “toxic poisoning”. And i thought from what?? well it turned out to be that stuff we bought to get rid of the fleas. On Wednesday.November.2. 2005 he died a slow painfull death! We were sooo upset everone in the house was crying that night. They didnt just take another kitten away from a family they took a member of MY family!! It was not fair at all!!!

We miss and love you always SNEAKERS!!(IT WAS NOT FAIR!!!!)

Hartz 2-1 flea and tick spray

I bought Hartz @-1 Flea and tick spray thinking it was safe. About 20 minutes of putting it on my cat he started drooling and walking funny. I called the number on the back of the bottle and told them what my cat was doing they suggested tuna juice. water. or milk for the cat to drink. He seemed to be getting worse i called a 24hr animal hospital since it was late they told me to wash him and get the stuff off of him and told me they never recommend Hartz products that they have seen to many sick animals and even deaths caused from the product. I immediately washed the cat and dried him. He just kinda of laid there. I couldn’t afford to take him to the hospital they would not accept any payment plan. 8:00 the next morning my son woke me up crying that smokey was dead I jumped out of bed and looked at the cat in my sons arms as his head dangled barely breathing. I slipped my shoes on and rushed him to a clinic as soon as the vet seen the bottle they told me never to usethis product and how they have seen many animals sick and killed from this product. They were putting ivy’s in smokey and told me they didn’t know if they could save him, that his body temp. was so low and the reaction from the product is severe. Thank god smokey survived after being on ivy’s for three days and all the work the vets did on him. I have called fox 8 news and told them this story. Hartz needs to be held accountable for there products and all the animals they have made sick and killed. I will not be quite about there products something must be done. All there products need to be pulled from all store shelves.

Hartz – Animal abusers

I just want everyone to know I used Hartz 2-1 flea and tick spray on my cat He started drooling and walkinf funny by the next day he was bearley breathing. I took him to the vet they didn’t know if they were going to beable to save his life it was such a bad reaction from the spray. Thank god he survived after spending 2 nights at the vet. I think people need to know about this product and it should be taken off all store shelves. The company Hartz needs to be held accountable for all animals who have been sick or killed from there products.