Loss of hair and muscle tone

I bought Hartz 3 in 1 Flea and Tick drops for my one and half year old cat Boots.
He seemed fine on first treament. The second treament he started acted weird. He stopped eating, only drinking water lots of it. Lost lots of weight, hair starting falling out where i put the medicine and had sores where the medicine was put and i still didnt have a clue that it was the flea treatment. He was so sick for 2 weeks i finally had to take him to a vet which was hard because i am on a fixed income. The vet told me Boots is really sick, a fever of 105.2 and he may not make it. It may be to late for him. He gave him a shot of antibiotics. Took some blood. Gave us some pills of antiobiotics to take twice a day for the next week.
I am so upset to think I was trying to treat my cat for fleas and I maybe the one who may be killing him because I chose to use Hartz products. Get it off the market.

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