Owner Responsibility

I can sympathize with everyone here who has lost a pet through the use of these products, or whose pets have been injured by products like these. It is devastating to lose a pet that has been a part of the family for any length of time. I know from personal experience.

I can not, however, sit and read these stories without the constant reminder in the back of my mind that says the owners share in the responsibility for these events. Let’s all step back and take a look at the whole picture here. I see plenty of people talk about these pets as if they are members of the family, like children, etc. yet these owners are willing to buy a product off the shelf, based on a brand name (or worse, price) and apply it to a living animal, with no prior research, no discussion of it with a Veterinarian, and having not read the entire label. I say that is irresponsible on the part of the owners above and beyond anything Hartz or other manufacturers could be held liable for.

Raise your hands if you take your pets to the Vet regularly for check-ups and dentals. Raise your hands if you feed your pets quality food, and NOT what?s on sale. Raise your hands if you spay and neuter your pets and keep them inside. I can imagine that there are not too many hands raised right now. The problem here is that people in general forget that they have an obligation, when they adopt a pet, to be diligent. This animal is depending on you ENTIRELY to keep it safe, healthy, happy, and fed. If you do anything less than regular check-ups and dentals at the Vet, or you feed your pets cut-rate food at the expense of real nutrition, or you let your pets run free (cats included) then you are not taking care of these pets in a way that I think is indicative of someone who really cares about them.

You may think I?m cold and heartless for saying these things. Regardless, it is your responsibility to care for your pet if you get one, and it is your fault if something goes wrong when you buy any old product off the shelf and throw it at your pet. If these were your kids, would you just buy anything off the shelf and slap it on them and hope for the best? A 5 minute trip to the internet to do a search would have kept any of you from doing this. A 2 minute call to your Veterinarian would have kept you from buying these products. NOT ONE of you did either, and your pets suffered for it.

Leave out the discussions of Veterinary costs after the fact ? it?s pretty plain from most of the stories here that very few, if any, of you, take your pets to a Veterinarian for their continued health and happiness. What would any of you know about what?s reasonable for the cost of pet care from a Veterinarian when you never go? When a Vet has to drop everything to fit you into a packed schedule to perform emergency life-saving procedures to repair the damage YOU did, you can expect to pay for it. You can also leave off the parts about the company continuing to sell a product that they know has side effects. A simple perusal of the label and minimal research will tell you that these products have been known, to the Veterinary profession, to be problematic and to have potentially deadly side effects for YEARS. The company continues to sell these products because the pesticides they use are perfectly legal and people who want to save a buck at the expense of their pets will keep buying them. It?s business ? the longer pet owners in general wring their hands about the cost of quality pet care and look for shortcuts, the stronger the pocketbook of companies that rely on that mentality. Preventative medicine works ? use it or stop complaining when you make a mistake and have to pay to have it fixed. I am not a Veterinarian, but I have come to understand, through numerous pets, the absolute requirement that every pet be under the care of a Veterinarian. It is a crucial component of your pet?s well-being, and it can not be skipped with good results. This page is rock-solid proof of that fact.

The companies that sell questionable products for pet care will only keep doing it if people keep buying them. It doesn?t matter that the products have side-effects. It matters that pet owners don?t take responsibility for the care of their pets. Be diligent ? be careful ? be generous. Your pet?s health and happiness is tied to what YOU do as its owner, not the ingredients in one company?s products.

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