One thankful cat owner…

I can not believe what I am reading! I have never written into a site before.
A stray mama cat ‘gave us’ 5 babies. We have 4 between our family & have had the mom spayed since. When I picked up Mama Cat from the vet I asked them to put flea stuff on her. They gave her ‘xxxxxLine’ & sent me home with Expensive 3- packs for the babies too. I have never used flea stuff as I have always viewed it as a pesticide!
I showed the assistant the Hartz stuff I picked up from the store & asked her opinion as it WAS SO MUCH CHEAPER & THE CATS WERE COSTING ME A FORTUNE. She said, “NO! We get horrible cases all the time from the poisining.” I was not sure I believed her? I thought they just wanted to sell their stuff. I used their stuff & figured I would do my own research.
It did not take much!
I got on line today & typed in “phenothrin & cat health” & got #1 : An EPA article that Hartz has agreed to cancel uses on several of their flea & tick products! #2…this site.
I cried as I read the sad stories! I can not imagine how horrible it would be to go through what many of you have gone through!
I am now officially a ‘Crazy Cat Lady.’ & ‘Thank My Angel’ for not letting me use this stuff on our Moca, Mama, Simba, Karma, Bootsie, & Gracie!
Now that we have the stray flea situation under control much better, I will continue to research natural flea alternatives! Peace!
I am on my way to return the 2 different packets I bought!

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