my new kitty has light pasty stool after hartz use

i dont know what to do. i have been monitoring her stool all week cause of the fact that she was a feral cat when i got her, and i cant get her into a doctor for another week. i have no money so i am getting her checked out with help of a cat orgaization that helps homeless cats get medical attention and homes. so its hard for them to get a slot, as there are many cats in need. so, i felt i had to start the process myself and sprayed her with hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray. i had no idea about how toxic it was and didnt find out till i discoverd her stool to be light in color and pasty, so i googled the symtems, and over and over i saw how that is a sighn of liver disease. i thought, how can she have somthing like that allready? she is not even a year old. then i looked further into it and found out that flea sprays can toxify the liver and give the cat liver disease. now i am scaired i may have made her sick to the point of dieing. she eats alot and really fast so im hoping its just worms. but all the stuff i find about stool like that says liver disease. and there was blood in it yesterday, wich also is a sighn. has anyone else had this happen cause of hartz? so far, all i have found on this is the seizers and death, all happening right after use. or the pics of the skin problems. i wont know how bad this is till i can get her in to the vet.

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