my german shepherd died because of hartz drops!

i started having problems all of a sudden 2 years ago with my very healthy 2 unrelated german shepherds. one was 2 years old and the other 11. within 4 months of each other, they started going into violent seizures. my vet at that time didn’t have a clue and said ” oh, it’s a problem with the breed”. stupid! anyway, it has turned out to be pyrethrin posioning. i just put 2 & 2 together after my big sweet baby died from the seizures just a few days ago. he was so sweet and loving. hartz drops are sold at walmart so they should be safe for your pets, right? not. i have been through hell because of the hartz drops that have more than 3 times the dose of pesticide pyrethrin than other flea & tick drops. i can noy beleive this crap is still on the shelves. it has caused me so much anxiety, heartbreak, time and money.

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