How can they know what their product does and not care

my cat was an indoor cat, she has never been outside in her life yet she got fleas. My father put some hartz products on her neck but the writing on the package was to small for even me to read and i have 20/20 vision. Thinking nothing of it, my father put the drops on her on the correct spot and somehow it leaked down her neck and she licked it off. About a half of an hour later she wa frothing from the mouth, twitching, and having multiple ceasures. Her eyes were opening and cloing and she looked like she was in pain. This was at 1am int he morning, therefore naturally only a couple veteranary hospitals were open in our area. We brought her to both places and becasue of financial reasons we took her out of the first place and in the second place they put in her four times the medication that they put in other cats. The veteranarian came out and told us that her organs were failing amnd that she was going to most likely die unless they could have…..guess what yes
More $Money$
and ofcourse we couldn’t come up with the 400 dollars down that they wanted right then and there. Therefore, we had to put our cat down. She was in pain for atleast 3-4 hours and it’s horrible that Hartz known that their products kill innocent creatures yet they sell it.

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