Dog Flea Shampoo

I have a cocker spaniel, a 1 year old. We named him Runnie. He is a playful, adorable, and get dirty very easily. Well when we got him, he was filthy and was a flea barn. My sister and dad found him on a big busy street and could have been killed. Immediately, we went to Petco and bought many dog supplies, and a very good shampoo and dog conditioner to get rid of fleas. When we got home I gave him a bath. When he came out, there were NO fleas, and his hair was silky, clean and he smelled wonderful. Then my other dog Jade began to get fleas out of no where. So once again, my puppy had fleas. Great. Then we went to Pavilions and got Hartz Flea Shampoo, not knowing any risks. So I gave him a bath. After his hair wasn’t quite smooth, he didn’t smell good at all, and he was still dirty. When I dried him, he still had fleas running on his stomach and on his face. The second day, my puppy kept vommitting and shaking. When he shook he couldn’t walk properly and he always fell down. We also fed him healthy, his dry dog food and sometimes we spoiled him with canned meat from a fabulous brand. It was so unusual. We though he was sick so we bought him sweaters and wanted to take him to the vet. We didn’t think it was the Hartz so we continued using it yet it never worked and the same problems kept happening. So we went to go buy a flea collar and we did. I forgot the instructions so I pondered onto the internet and found the instructions. Just as I grabbed the collar I saw this website link. I read a couple of stories and told my dad. I threw out the shampoo out and the flea collar. I realized those side effects were coming from the shampoo. I am thankful to see this site, yet it is horrible how they still sell these products that can actually kill and injure your pet badly.


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