Close Call

This week we gave our cat Tweak a dose of the Hartz flea drops. I was trying to save money by buying that instead of Frontline. I assumed that with a name like Hartz it could be trusted. A little while after giving it to her, I started to notice that she was acting strange, and I checked the back of the package and she had a few of the symptoms. I didn’t realize how serious it could be and it was after 5 so I didn’t call the vet til the next day. I was at work and my husband told me he hadn’t seen her all day. This was unusual so I left work at 4 and went home. After much searching, we finally found her hiding in a closet and very weak and sick. We rushed her to the vet who gave her a bath, an antidote and a test to see if there was kidney damage. He said the test looked good. This visit cost over $200, an unexpected expense, but of course it was worth it to save her life. I will never use another Hartz product and am on a crusade to make sure no one else does either.

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