Sergeants Flea Mousse killed my 6 month kitten

My kitten had fleas so i went out to buy some kind of a flea killer, well it turned out to be a kitten killer instead!!! We did what it said on the bottle. A day later we noticed that my kitten was throwing up “green” i thought it was just a flu. But the end of that day i took him to the vets and they came out saying that he had “toxic poisoning”. And i thought from what?? well it turned out to be that stuff we bought to get rid of the fleas. On Wednesday.November.2. 2005 he died a slow painfull death! We were sooo upset everone in the house was crying that night. They didnt just take another kitten away from a family they took a member of MY family!! It was not fair at all!!!

We miss and love you always SNEAKERS!!(IT WAS NOT FAIR!!!!)

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