My kitten died from Sergeants Flea Mousse

My kitten(6 months old) had fleas so i went to go buy him some kind of flea fourmula. Well i didnt know it would kill my kitten!! It turned out to be a kitten killer not a flea killer!! I noticed he was throwing up “green” and i thought it was a flu. But it continued so i took him to the vet and they said that he had toxic poisoning. The vet said they would keep him for that day on IV to flush out he poison. At around 5:00, we went to go pick him up. At 9:00 he threw up a lot of green(poison and while he did that he screamed!) and after he did that he died on the spot. On Wendsday.November.2.2005 he passed away!! Somebody from Sergeants is coming to talk with us about it. Well it doesnt matter what they want to give us they will never bring my cat back!!!

We all miss you running around the house SNEAKERS!!

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