My experience of Hartz dog products and fleas

Do you only have negative stories?

I suddenly discovered that I had a severe flea infestation on my dog and in my apartment. I bought Hartz ‘3 in 1’ Home Spray containing S-Methoprene and Permethrin. The permethrin is to kill adult fleas and it was only moderately effective; I followed the instructions completely I washed my dog’s bed and vacuumed and sprayed every square inch of floor surface yet I was still getting bitten 2 or 3 times a day by pepper speck size baby fleas.

It took about a month but I find the methoprene was extremely effective at keeping new flea eggs from developing because the biting babes completely disappeared!

I’ve also been using the green Hartz Rid Flea ‘2 in 1’ shampoo on my 80 pound Dane/Greyhound dog. I used it 4 times over a month; the dog NEVER had any sort of negative reaction to it and it does kill fleas I saw several in the bath water, but it seems to have ZERO residual effect, after the dog has been bathed fleas from the environment can go right back on for a ride.

The Rid Flea shampoo did not kill 100% of fleas on the dog I would say only 98%. I did follow instructions completely and lathered the dog from head to foot to tip of tail.

The methroprene in the Home Spray broke the flea life cycle but I still needed something with a residual effect to COMPLETELY kill fleas on the dog. Finally I bought Hartz 3 in 1 Dog Spray containing Tetrachlorvinphos and S-Methoprene. I wore rubber gloves when applying it to the dog and she had no reaction to it. I’m pleased to say the tetrachlorvinphos KICKS ASS! I’ve finally got rid of the fleas on the dog with this; 4 days after applying it I found dead adult fleas in the dog’s tail.

I know that tetrachlorvinphos is considered by many a carcingoen but I don’t care because I’m only going to use it a few times.

I’m going to be using Revolution in the mean time Hartz saved me a lot of money. My dog did not have an adverse reaction to any of the 3 Hartz products I used.

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