Poisoned My Kitten

I have a four month old kitten. During the chaos of Hurricane Wilma, I discovered that my kitten and dog both had fleas. Never having had this problem before in my 11+ years having my dog, I can only come to the conclusion that the stray kitten we took in brought in the fleas (though she was checked by a vet right after we found her). I went to the grocery store, as they were run on a generator, and bought the Hartz Flea and Tick treatment that you put between the shoulder blades, specifically buying the formula for kittens over 12 weeks old, and for the dog also. I bathed them both with Sargent flea shampoo (dog and cat types) and then applied the Hartz products. My dog did fine. My kitten had an immediate and severe reaction. She developed very obvious neurological problems. She had problems standing and walking, couldn’t focus her eyes and had terrible tremors. Because of the Hurricane, no vets were open for me to take her to and I thought she was a goner. I called my out of state vet and he had me bathe her in dish soap and force feed her liquids. She is much better now, but I cannot believe that this product is on the market. He told me he has had numerous pets that he has had to put down because of these Hartz products.

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