Hartz 2-1 flea and tick spray

I bought Hartz @-1 Flea and tick spray thinking it was safe. About 20 minutes of putting it on my cat he started drooling and walking funny. I called the number on the back of the bottle and told them what my cat was doing they suggested tuna juice. water. or milk for the cat to drink. He seemed to be getting worse i called a 24hr animal hospital since it was late they told me to wash him and get the stuff off of him and told me they never recommend Hartz products that they have seen to many sick animals and even deaths caused from the product. I immediately washed the cat and dried him. He just kinda of laid there. I couldn’t afford to take him to the hospital they would not accept any payment plan. 8:00 the next morning my son woke me up crying that smokey was dead I jumped out of bed and looked at the cat in my sons arms as his head dangled barely breathing. I slipped my shoes on and rushed him to a clinic as soon as the vet seen the bottle they told me never to usethis product and how they have seen many animals sick and killed from this product. They were putting ivy’s in smokey and told me they didn’t know if they could save him, that his body temp. was so low and the reaction from the product is severe. Thank god smokey survived after being on ivy’s for three days and all the work the vets did on him. I have called fox 8 news and told them this story. Hartz needs to be held accountable for there products and all the animals they have made sick and killed. I will not be quite about there products something must be done. All there products need to be pulled from all store shelves.

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