We had three beautiful cats

We thought we were protecting our animals when all along we were unknowingly killing them. Heather, our brave 9 year old calico was suffering for a long time with an illness that the vet could not pinpoint. She was unable to keep down very much food for quite some time. One day she left and never returned. Granted, anything could have happened to her. But, Benny our 15 year old Siamese lost a patch of hair on the back of his neck and has suffered convulsions at least twice, shortly after application of the medicine. Just recently we put to sleep our baby. 5 year old Jasmine was a young and healthy black cat. We had used Hartz on her for her entire life. We took her to the vet because she wasn’t eating and she spent three days sleeping in the basement, not wanting to go outside. Jasmine’s last few hours were spent cuddled up next to Benny, the poor baby looked awful. She did not return from that last trip to the vet. We were told she had severe liver damage, a sign of long term poisoning. Our family is heartbroken and I hold Hartz fully responsible.

Poor little Jinxie

On Sunday September 25, 2005 at about 8:30 pm I applied Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens 6-10 lbs on my three cats. By 1:00 am that morning my littlest cat Jinx was having a severe reaction to the product. he was flailing around, panting, and convulsing. It was a terrible thing to watch. I immediately contacted the poison control center and they advised me if he continued to do so to take him to the vet in the morning. I knew Jinxie didnt have that much time, I could see that he was losing his battle. I contacted my nearest Emergency Vet, which is about 30 minutes away from where I live, and they told me to bring him right in. I drove 90mph to get him there as soon as possible holding him and trying to reassure him we were on our way to help.

Upon arriving at the Vet I was informed Jinx had a temp of 108 degrees, they immediately put him on IV fluids, a sedative to calm him, and gave him some other drugs to help with his symptoms. I just knew that I had killed my little Jinxie. The blame we as humans suffer after an episode like this is unreal, I felt so responsible, I didnt know how I was going to live with it if anything happened.

Jinxie stay at the Vet for 4 days and I am happy to report he is at home and doing very well, his coordination is a little off, but he is slowly returning to the kitten I knew before this happened. My other two cats also showed signs of the poisoning the next day but I gave them several baths and pushed liquids with a baby medicine syringe. They too are doing well.

I just want people to know that Hartz was a trusted name in our household, we have bought their products for years, have complete faith that a company that had been around that long would never do anything to harm our pets. Please be aware they are killing our pets.

Today I am sending them my $900.00 plus vet bill and I am hoping they are going to compensate me for it, but no amount of money will ever be able to repair the trauma they put myself and my family not to mention Jinx through. Please. please be aware of these animal killing products they sell and dont purchase them because they are less expensive than the name brands, they honestly knowingly kill our pets and all just for a profit.

Thanks to this website for letting me know there are others out there just like me!!!!!!!


Shellie Richardson

Poor Kitties

After finding this site I feel so lucky. So many of you actually lost your pet due to these products. How devastating. I have 2 cats that had fleas. After only 5 days of wearing Hartz flea collar, my cat suffered with a bloody ring around its neck. Its like the collar burned its neck; no hair, just bloody, raw skin. I have pictures! They needed steroids and antibiotics for the scabs. Not to mention I spent a lot of money on there other products to treat the fleas in my home which the vet says could have made even me very sick. I’m definately interested in joining a law suite against them. What are they selling? Lets stop them from hurting our lovely pets. Email me at [email protected]

What a great product, Now my poor kitty needs kitty Rogaine, THANK YOU HARTZ!

Picked up Hartz? Advanced Care? 4 in 1? Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ for Cats and Kittens at Publix Supermarket since it was the weekend and I couldn’t get Advantage from a vet over the weekend.

Unbelievable, my poor indoor cat that was in perfect health aside from somehow getting a few fleas started losing all her hair on the back of her neck due to this BS product Hartz still has on the market. After her hair falls out I discover that EPA ‘Pesticides: Topical & Chemical Fact Sheets in regard to Hartz? Advanced Care? 4 in 1? Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ for Cats and Kittens.

I read the instruction on the package and followed them to the letter, now my poor cat needs kitty Rogaine. Hartz, You suck! and if my cat had her way, she’s send you her used kitty litter for harming her and instructions on how to make a sandwich with it.
I am printing up that EPA page and bringing it to the Publix and will ask them to pull this product prior to that December 31, 2005 deadline. It’s bad enough my cat is now partially bald, perhaps this crap will kill someone else’s poor pet, so I will talk to the manager tomorrow.

My dog is in hospital dying from Chronic renal failure!!

September 30,2005.
My dog Sky is almost three years old. I noticed some fleas on him so four days ago we went to the store, “where they only have hartz products” So we bought hartz products. My dog started vomiting the day after, he became extremely dehyrdrated and acting out of it. We rushed him to the vet where he had diearrhea, vomiting, and was lethargic, they immediatly put fluids in him. He is still there suffering from chronic renal failure, coincedence I think not!! My dog has never thrown up, not once!!!!! I know it is from using Hartz !