My Experiences with Hartz

I have been a dog groomer for 35 years. Periodically we would get a customer who’s dog or cat either got deathly ill or died from Hartz Flea products. I myself, in 1974 had six cats get deathly ill from their cat flea spray. We had Dr Robinson, DVM, come to the house . He had to give them all shots. One died. When I see how many of their products in Walmart, Price Chopper and Hanaford, I just cringe. I wouldn’t buy anything of theirs.

Hartz Joint Maintenance

Hello, this is my first time to hear of any “bad reactions” to pet meds. I have 2 dogs, one large and one small. I noticed my older one, she’s 11 yrs, having trouble getting up on our bed. I decided to get her some vitamins-Hartz is the only medicine our Wal-Mart has, so I bought what they had. It is called Joint Maintenance, they take it twice daily. I decided to get them for both of our kids-dogs just to keep them healthy. They have been on the vitamins for at least 5 months, the only noticable difference is that the large one can jump on the bed now and has more energy. Well, yesterday, Oct. 7, 2005 I took the little one to the vet to get his toenails clipped. He said “I’ve never seen anything like it”…. he doesn’t have any blood flow to the metatarsils!!!!! He doesn’t know if it has gotten any farther in his hands/feet etc… but he said to take them both of the vitamins IMMEDIATELY!!! I just wondered if anyone else had any “bad reactions” to other products. The Vet also said that they have been having a lot of cats come in dying because of the flea/tick meds! This is an outrage! These are my babies-my kids and I will be devistated if something happens to them because of the so called vitamins! Please help!!

My dog died and I need support

My dog died 4 days after I applied “Revolution” for Dogs. I want to sue the company that makes this product.

The loss of a family pet is too horrible to let go.

We trust these companies and they take our money, and our pets.

I can’t let this go. I need help that is why I’m on this site. I used Hartz products too and my new puppy almost died. I had to wash him about eight times.

Is there anyone at this site that can help me get a lawsuit going.
my e-mail is [email protected]

Puppy killed by flea bath…..

During my daughter’s cross country trip with her friend, they came upon an adorable puppy which they named “memphis.” (thats where they adopted her)

I had the pleasure of enjoying that puppy for two days. I spoiled her as I would my own granddaughter and she brought much pleasure to our entire family.

My daughter told us yesterday that Memphis had passed away. I inquired as to the cause. She told me it was due to Hartz flea dip product. Since I heard about this I have been hearing of other people who lost cats and dogs due to the chemicals in Hartzs’ products.

It makes me sick to think these products are still being sold.

That’s my sad story……



i treated my two cats with 3 in 1 spray, from hartz, my white female cat almost died. she was not responsive, eyes rolled in the back of head, nodding off, immeditly stated acting wierd. i finally took both of my cats to the spca, in sanfrancisco. the bill was 600$ she had to stay over night. we cannot afford the bill, it will get sent to collections. im trying to get hartz to pay for it, will see tomorrow. we need to put a stop to these products. and also why is advantage so safe. and hartz isnt! ivehad the worst two days of my life. im so happy shes ok

My thoughts……

Our family has never used Hartz products on any of our dogs, but to be very honest with you, I can’t say that I would have thought anything wrong with purchasing them, especially since the “Hartz” name has been around for so long.

My animal-loving daughter told me about this site, and I just cannot believe what I am reading. I have gotten through almost one full page of horror stories, and cannot bring myself to read much more.


There HAS to be something we can all do to stop this. I am actually thinking of printing up little information note cards, with this website as a reference point, and leaving them near the Hartz products in the supermarkets, to warn pet owners to think twice and do some serious research before making a potentially fatal mistake for their pet.

I am just disgusted….appalled…..shocked…..and saddened by these stories, and I hope that the more we get the word around about The Hartz Corporation, the better off the pet-world will be!!


Thank you.


Update on Summer—

We had to put our beloved 18 month old Golden Retriever Summer to sleep yesterday. It was gut wrenching. She wanted to live so badly in her heart and mind, but her body would not allow her to. As I am telling people about what happened, I am running into people who tell me their dog had side effects from using Hartz products, but they did not put 2 and 2 together that it was a Hartz product that caused it until now. One of our neighbors used the dog flea dip a couple of months ago, and several days later he was asking me if I could think of a reason why Sandy would be losing patches of fur. I could not, but now we BOTH know it was the flea dip. He was very upset about my dog, as our dogs played together. Then, another neighbor said that her dog was vomiting a couple days after putting the product on, but at the time thought he ate something bad, or he was just a little sick. She threw the rest of the product out yesterday. All I know is that I hope that by telling people about this, it will prevent someone else’s precious pet from going through what my baby Summer did. My husband, four kids and I (and all our neighbors and friends) will never forget Summer……

hartz killed my three-year-old dog sky

We put hartz flea drops on our dog sky, the next day there was a spot of throw up, we did not think anything at the time, maybe he ate grass, even though he had never thrown up before. The next day there was throw up everywhere. Sky was letheragic, would not eat or drink. We immedialtly rushed him to the vet. The vet said he had acute renal failure. His kidneys where shut down and it happened fast. We did everything we could to save him, he had water therapy, by IVs. He was also put on medication, nothing worked. Two days later Sky was put down because he could no longer eat, goto the bathroom, or walk! We are devestated! PLease stop Hartz.

It’s not just Hartz,I used

This past week end I gave my two cats (squeeky&dash) a dose of the Sergent Pretect flee and tick medicine because they were scratching there necks. One hour later I went looking for dash(6months old) and found him in my back room lying on the floor having what looked like a siezer, I then called my mother who has 3 cats and asked her what I should do. She told me to put him in the bath and try and wash it off, well this did not work and he had a heart attach. My husband had to give him a grave. I had thought that maybe it was my fault, that maybe I gave him to much. I only gave him a 1/2 dose. My oldest cat did not show any signs of this and we thought maybe the smallest must have gotten into something poison outside. We watched the oldest all day and she never acted like anything was wrong. We should have taken her to a vet but there was not one open on the weekend where I live. At 12:27am my husband and I heard a loud crash and went to look at what it was. My oldest cat was having the same problems as Dash. We did everything to help her survive, I even called the poison control to ask if my children were in any danger because they had picked the little one up once or twice trying to keep him from going outside (they did wash there hands). Poison Control assured me that it would not hurt them but my cat was not going to make it, he said to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Whe ended up makeing a grave for her at 2:37am. I cried for the next 2 days straight thinking it was my fault but now I know different. I just want everyone to know how dangerous it is to use some over the counter meds. Please talk to your vet first to keep this happening to your animals, and yes I would be more than happy to be apart of any lawsuit against meds like this one. Thank You for taking the time to read this.