I used Hartz 2in1 Flea Spray on my cat 1-1/2 days ago and now my cat is at the Vet’s in shock and INTERNALLY bleeding from a severe reaction to it. I have never heard any of these stories prior to this. From what I have now read these products should at least have warnings on the labels (which it didn’t) nevermind be off the shelves! I am heartsick over this and will join any lawsuit started. I have emailed this site to Oprah Winfrey show, Bill O’Reilly, the store I purchased it from and my local news station. This has been going on way too long.

Paula Nee
Middleboro, MA 02346

Annie was not as lucky…

Sadly, we lost our precious kitten this evening, due to having come in contact with Hartz 2-1 dog flea and tick spray…having went the cheap way and buying the three dogs in the house Hartz, flea and ticks spray, our little 5 month old kitten, got near the dogs and their bedding which had been sprayed and is now dead!! This is a disgrace!! Once we noticed that Annie, was in trouble, I called Hartz…only to get in touch with a bonafide idiot, that had to look things up on a computer and give me a case number, telling me they would cover the vet bill…this did not save my little girl…in the morning they WILL get a peace of my mind, I plan on letting them have it with all I have in me…yes they might have the option of hanging up, however, I have the option of redialing…they need to know that they are murderers! Sorry for ranting but I am horribly disturbed right now…thanks for letting me vent. Windy

Hartz product caused Stinky’s seizure

Monday night around 8:00pm, I put Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ on all 5 of my cats. I didn’t feel good about purchasing Hartz products, but my current financial situation doesn’t allow me to buy the more expensive products…especially for 5 cats!! So needless to say I bought the cheap stuff. Well about 6 hours later, Stinky woke me up (2:30am), he was having a full blown seizure, thrashing on the ground, salivating uncontolably, scrathing at the carpet…it was horrible. I stayed with him till the seizure was over (2-3 very long minutes) and immediately after I called my local 24 hr. emergency vet. They said I should wash him right away with dish soap…twice, which I did. They said this is not unusual for Hartz products and that I should bring him in for monitoring. I was worried about the cost and driving at 2:30 in the morning, so I kept an eye on him at home. He had tremors for the rest of the night and was still tremoring in the morning when I had to leave for work. I was worried sick about him all day, (yes I felt very guilty leaving him alone and not taking him to the vet!) but luckily, when I got home, he was back to his old self. My other 4 cats though were not. They were lethargic and unhappy and one was endlessly licking herself where I had put the drops (in the recomended place!) I washed all 4 of the other cats and today they are fine. I called Hartz today to tell them about the incident. They were unappoligetic and they said that if I mailed in the UPC codes I would get a refund but that I would have to pay the postage. I also bought 5 Hartz flea collars, which I am also returning. I will never, never, never buy Hartz products again and will recommend to everyone I know never to either!!! Please boycott Hartz Products, they are poison!!!

it may just be sinking in

I was browsing journals when one title stuck out about HARTZ. I read the entry and was mortified. I called my mom to let her know not to use these products ever again. Then, thats when we got talking about our dog Jake we used to have. He was only a year old I had gotten him for my 18th birthday from PAWS. He was so cute and as soon as I went home I bathed him with the HARTZ shampoo. He was fine, but a few months later after we bathed him again he began having seizures. We took him to the vet because it was so unbearable to see. The vet gave us some calcium bromide to give to the dog but the seizures began to get worse and worse. Then one day he had a seizure that was so bad we had to get him put to sleep. It lasted longer then any other and it happened in my room. He ended up shutting the door on my mom and knocked her over. He was helpless. He ended up breaking a few things of mine but it didn’t matter I just wanted him to be okay. After the seizure he was always disoriented but this time it was as though he was blind. He kept walking into walls and could barely walk, you could tell he was suffering and it still breaks my heart even moreso now because I feel I have been a victim of HARTZ.

Willow my cat

We put Hartz products on our cat yesterday 10-11-05. we had to take her to the vet this morning because she had tremors and was very sick. The vet informed us that the Hartz products was what was causing her to be sick. She will have to stay in the hospital for two days because of these products. WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER TO GET THESE PRODUCTS REMOVED FROM THE SHELVES.

I used 3 in 1 without incident

Someone asked to hear from anyone who’s pets didn’t get sick so, here goes…
Last year my mom had breast cancer and I lost my job. I was at her house on and off from Spring to Fall. Naturally, I brought my tuxedo cat Speedbump who had just turned one. While there, I found another tux kitten the vet said was about nine weeks old. I named him Treadmark. Well, through the months the fleas got bad. My mom lives on the East coast of Florida and the hurricanes knocked power out. She has three dogs and, with the heat, the back door was kept open. Tread and Bump stayed in the guest room, but got fleas anyway. A month or two passed and my mom’s chemo was complete and I was going back home for good. Still jobless, my mom (who’s a groomer) wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. We stopped by a Walmart (or maybe K-mart?) and she decided to buy flea treatment since her “grandkittens” were miserable and I was too broke to get the good stuff. We both thought that the worse that could happen would be that it didn’t work very well (which it doesn’t – not at all.) She got two packs of three (one for over 10lbs. and another for under since Tread was still small.) I still waited a few weeks to use it because I’m sketchy about what I put on my babies. Before I went to put it on, I came across a tube of Advantage the vet had given me when I found Treadmark. I put that on him (Thank God. I’ve since realized he’s pretty delicate compared to Bump.) I put the Hartz on Speedbump. It smelled strong and just slid down the back of his neck. I couldn’t pet him for days because the junk just stayed there. I never used it again (and again, Thank God) because it didn’t do it’s job and just made his fur sloppy. So, even the best case scenario still isn’t great. I volunteer with a no kill shelter and I’m FLOORED I’ve never heard about this problem until now! My mom (dog groomer) never heard about this, either (she felt so rotten when I told her and couldn’t believe it’s still legal to sell it.) Thanks to this site for getting the word out (I’m glad I stumbled across it.) I just got really, really lucky. If I had known, I would have never pushed that luck in the first place. Nothing is worth putting my kids in harms way. My heart goes out to every victim and their “parents”. I’m telling everyone I know about how high the chances are this stuff can harm their fur-babies!

flea spray

i used the flea spray once on my cat, she had never had fleas and i was naive and decided to go OTC anyway my mom used it too for her dog on the same day, two diff ones of course, one for cat one for dog, *she got them bc i moved in with my rents after college* anyway i used it and the moment i saw it on her coat i thought o no bad…the smell first of all made me dizzy and before i even let it sit on her for 10 mins i rushed her to the vet and they bathed her immediately with dawn kitchen soap bc it was the only thing that would get all the residue off, and she was fine thank god no side effects and that was 2 yrs ago, now for my moms dog…sigh i dont even want to get into it…well the dog showed no symptoms…turns out my mom was over using the spray, like everyday and the dog went bald and began to show bleeding in his urine. when i saw that i freaked out and was like what the hell ru doing!? so she stopped and since then has not used it, but i think there are now irreversible side effects for the dog, and im only too sorry that i hadnt seen this website 2 yrs ago on that day…
my cat and i are very intuned to each other, i think thats the only way i saved her lil life…
hartz makes me sick. please please go to ur vet for flea meds, spare the lives of those that are intrusted in ur hands.

My Two Cats to the ER

On Friday afternoon I put Hartz 3 in 1 Flea medicine on both my 1 year old cats, Tiggie and Koe. By nighttime Tiggie was having seizures, so we had to take him to the emergency. There he stayed on an IV for the night and got some muscle relaxers. We were so happy that our other cat wasn’t showing these symptoms. But a day after Tiggie got released from the animal hospital, Koe was showing some strange behaviour. He was lethargic and had a high fever. Since this was on a sunday, we had no choice but to take Koe to the Emergency as well. The vet wasn’t sure what was the cause, but I have a feeling it’s Hartz, little too much of a coincidence! Koe had to stay a night as well. They gave him some shots and did some bloodwork. They still don’t know what is wrong with him. So all I can do right now is hope no symptoms come back. They are both back home, but I am not leaving them out of my sight for the next days, especially after reading all the awfull stories on this website.
I really do wonder, did any animal ever take Hartz without it creating problems? I would really like to know those statistics…wouldn’t you? Shame on all the stores still selling this stuff.

Tiki Tiger almost died

Hi, I noticed one flea on my one year old cat Tiki-Tiger and the pet stores were closed so I opted to buy the cheap Hartz brand flea drops, assuming they would be weak in comparison to Advantage and Frontline. I had to take Tiki into the ER Vet in the middle of the night when he was having shaking/tremors and lethargic. They said he is lucky and is not as bad off as many they’ve see. My other cat seems to be ok (probably because she is much larger) but she still has fleas!
-It is disgusting that this stuff is still on the market.

The product I used was called Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 flea and tick drops. When I called he company they said I can send the vet bill and I hope to be reimbursed. But they seemed kinda unphased by it all…and asked if it is possible the cat might have licked the product after it was on his fur! I said, yes probably since he IS A CAT! that is what cats do for goodness sakes. When I put the drops on him he immediately seemed like it hurt him, maybe burned his skin? It is also has a very bad pefumy smell.

After putting drops on him, within a few hours that evening he was shaking and lethargic and very jumpy. when I’d reach to pet his head he’d have a startle response, which is not like him at all. He is the most friendly cat i have ever known. The Vet said that it causes the nervous system to get messed up, which is why he was having the tremors and seemed nervous. They had to shave some of his leg hair to give him a muscle relaxant shot and also put a lot of fluids into him with a syringe/shot, I think to wash out or weaken the pesticide. and also told me to wash him right away.

I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper to warn other pet owners, but it has not been published. I wrote to Walgreen’s where I bought the stuff to tell them too. I also wrote to a local tv station. I want the word to get out. I had never heard about this and I read a lot about pets!

Nina’s traumatic night

I have not had Nina for long… only 6 months or so. She is a year old calico cat and sweeter than any other I know. I had just picked her up from the hospital last week as her system was backed up – hair issues, etc… She was back to her spunky self. I noticed both her and my 9 year old cat had fleas even though they are indoor cats. I’ve given my older cat, Bootsie, Advantage before from the vet – that is what we usually use. I lost my job and I’m surviving for the past couple months on pathetic unemployment so I couldn’t afford the $35.00 for each cat since Nina is only 8 lbs and Bootsie tips the scale at 16 lbs. I was at the store and saw the Hartz flea and tick plus drops and thought I could trust the Hartz name. A few hours after I put it on her, she started having tremors and spasms and I totally lost it. I saw this website after I called a local 24 hr emergency hospital and they told me to call poison control for animals. Apparently you have to pay $50 for them to talk to you… we got instructions to bath her twice more (we already did once as soon as I saw her symptoms with antibacterial soap) with dishwashing liquid to remove all her oils and the meds. I then had to wrap her up in a blanket with me and a heating pad as well as syringe-feed her baby food mixed with low sodium chicken broth that was heated to body temperature. I was so scared and so angry that something like this is on the shelves. My vet and the poison control as well as the 24 hr vet hospital all said DO NOT buy over-the-counter medicine for pets, it is not regulated and is not safe. I felt like I poisoned my kitten which is exactly what happened. I don’t care that Hartz feels like they are doing something by revamping their packaging and warning labels – THESE PRODUCTS SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE SHELVES AND NOT BE SOLD!!!! I feel betrayed by a company I thought I could trust. I’m also telling everyone I know not to buy any of their products, toys, etc… a company that claims to care about animals but puts something this dangerous on the shelves should be boycotted. Nina is doing so much better this morning after we cared for her and helped her through the reaction she had to this toxic substance. I just thank God that she is still here… no thanks to Hartz… shame on them!!!!