defenseless kitten wracked with violent seizures

i am writing in reference to hartz flea drops. i put them on my kitten and within the hour my poor kitty was having numerous seizures and tremors. i had no idea that the product i trusted to use on him would poison him. i have been awake with him for 36 hours now, and though after alot of bathing in dawn dishwashing liquid, and praying for him non stop, he is improving. the tremors continue and he cant hardly walk, but i am at least hopeful now. that product is pure poison to animals and deadly too. no animal should have to endure that kind of punishment and torture, i hope i never see another animal in that kind of shape as long as i live. his poor body has been through a living hell , and its still not over. please do not use these products , they are deadly !!!!! i was in awe as i read on the internet countless other stories like mine, and many animals have died. lets push to remove these products from the shelves and save the lives of our beloved pets.

Spreading the Word

I have 2 cats and a dog that were affected by Hartz products. I read other victims’ stories every week, and it makes me sad to know people out there are still using Hartz. Whenever I am in PetSmart, PetCo, WalMart or any other place that has the poison on their shelves, I watch for others to buy the product. Without failure, I am right there telling them about this site, begging them to talk to a veterinarian, or to just spend the extra few dollars for Front Line.
Sometimes, people listen, other times, I get thrown out of the stores because apparently, it’s not ok to sway customers away from products. I tell all my neighbors, people I meet at the Dog Park, anyone I see who has a pet. I wish there was more we could do…. as a group. This information needs to be taken public.

Another site…& contact the store where you bought it!!!

Hello everyone,

In researching this problem I found another site…

Everyone on my email list was sent my story and this site as well as the geocities one and asked to forward it to all in their address books. I also contacted the store where I purchased this product, sent them the web sites and asked them to consider not offering the product for sale. They were very kind – the store manager contaced me personally and has submitted the information to their company buyer for reviewal. I think every victim should contact the store’s national customer service they purchased the items from (most have websites). Relay your personal story and send them the 2 websites for their review – then ask them to consider removing the products from their shelves. They wouldn’t sell bad food, toys, medicine, etc. – and should not sell this either.

Thanks for listening,

Middleboro, MA

my poor dog

after putting on a hartz flea collar on my dog of 4-1/2 years she became very disoriented – muscle spasms – uncontrolable shaking and was very sick and in pain – i thought she was having a seziure after taken her to my vet – he instantly knew what was wrong with her – and instanly took the flea collar of her – and did a blood test and xrays to make sure nothing else was wrong – turns out she was being poisoned by the hartz flea collar – so he gave me some meds for pain and muscle relaxant and she is almost as healthy as before – but due to hartz co. they almost killed my beloved dog and cost me 241.00 vet bill to save my dogs life – need to take action and hartz co. owes me ! other beloved pets are being poisoned as well – DO NOT BUY ONE and PUT ONE ON YOR PET – the ingredient in it is a pesticide

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my dog is dead

i had 2 small dogs, my older one was a male jack russell/chihuahua mix. he was 12 years old. we had used the flea and tick killer from the vet, but had run out. i purchased the hartz brand at walmart and applied it to both dogs. both dogs weighed about 10 pounds, so i purchased the one for small dogs. we applied it as instructed, immediately the female ran frantically through the house, we finally shampooed her and she calmed down. the male dog “rambo” went under the bed and would not come out, this was not really alarming because he slept there quite frequently. overnight he developed diaherra, i cleaned 8 places up by morning. he always used the yard and lets us know he wants to go. the next day it continued and he would not eat very much. he then would not eat at all by the 3rd day and was thowing up yellow liquid in small spots. we took him to the vet and he was dehydrated and in renal failure. the vet said those products can be hard on the kidneys. we tried to nurse him back but he could not walk anymore, would not drink or eat. after three days on iv he was still throwing up and had diaherra. he developed a high fever, had trouble breathing. several times he stopped breathing and was on oxygen. we could see he was suffering so we had him put to sleep. i truly believe that the hartz flea and tick killer did this. the hartz companyshould put a warning on this product not to use on older animals.

Hartz isn’t just affecting cats, dogs are at risk too…

my little chihuahua Brewzer has been too the vet for the last 3 days. my fiance and i had used the hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray on our 2 dogs. our other dog is a pit bull named Justice. niether one had a problem with it until last sunday. brewzer was sprayed with this product on saturday and sunday morning on it was down hill from there. me and my little brewzer had taken a trip up to my parents’ house for the day and they had noticed him not acting like is usual happy go lucky self. i just thought it was because of my mom’s dog and that she had scared him. monday morning, i found out i was wrong. he wasn’t eating, drinking, hardly moving, and he was shaking. now this is a 10+ pound chihuahua, so he normally doesn’t shake unless he’s outside in the snow or scared. the night before he had a little diarrha, so i thought, okay upset tummy, he should be better by morning. when he wasn’t i called the vet and made an appointment that afternoon. while waiting for our appointment time to arrive, we laid little brew on the couch all curled up in a blanket and he wasn’t moving much. we went over to pet him and smelled an awful smell, he had pooped himself basicly. he had made no attempt to move or do anything. after that we rushed him to the vet, 2 hours before the appointment. the doctor told us that if we would have waited much longer he would have been dead. he was suffering from hypothermia, he was hypoglycimic, dehydrated, and had bloody diarrhea. $550 for that day, and that night i was suppose to take him to the pet e.r. but i couldn’t quite afford it so i took him home nursed him all night, didn’t sleep until after we took him back to the regular vet on tuesday. he stayed there all day, he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink. and one of his protien levels dropped dangerously low so i had no choice but to take him to the pet e.r. for the night. there was another $500+. i brought him home in the morning on wednesday, and had him checked by another vet, and then took him home for the day. he still needs another test done to make sure everything is going to be ok and to see if he needs some other kind of medical attention. i finally got him to eat and today, thursday, i got him to eat on his own and drink from a water bowl on the floor on his own will instead of my putting it in his face. wednesday was his one year birthday. but at least he was with us on it. hopefully he gets completly better and then we’re gonna celebrate his birthday better.

i wish i had known about this stuff long before i bought it and put in on my dogs. there are no warning labels, not side effects like, “hey your dog my die after you spray him with this”. these products need pulled from the shelves and more people need to be aware of the dangers in using them.

after all this, i want to make the biggest stink i can about this and make others aware that this can happen to dogs and cats. i was shocked to find out that this has happened to so many others and by alot of the same products. if we can’t sue hartz, we need to make them suffer as much as possible. everyone needs to quit purchasing their products and make them go under, or something just to get them off the store shelves.

thankx for letting me share my story, maybe my misfortune will make others think twice before buying the same things that i did.

Cat Poisoning! Twice!

One Sunday last month we decided to treat all of our animals for fleas. We do this fairly regularly. Except this time we bought it at the store. About an hour after using the drops, one of the cats started having a seizure. We had NO idea what was happening. Unfortunatly, after the first seizure my mom thought she was dying and gave her a ‘people’ medicine, “so she doesn’t suffer…”.
During the next convultion, we called the Vet Emergency room. They told us that they recieve MANY animals with complications to HARTZ — even DEATH. Within three hours she had been bathed and washed down 2 more times. This did not help! We went to the vet and had another seizure on the way. She was treated in time and would survive but the medicine we gave her had a Tylenol base.
Thank God she is overweight and it was not a lethal dose AND we had her at the vet within a few hours. Three days of IV’s and hospitalization, she is healthy again. The guilt of having poisoned our loved one twice in one day is awful. Of course she is now happy, especially since we are now complete push-overs for her.

My poor little Zippy

Yesterday we went and picked up the most adorable little kitten. When we brought him home, we thought he needed a bath. He’s white and looked a little dingy. While brushing him and trying to rinse him we discovered that he was covered in blood. Fleas were feeding off of him and each other. I immediatly ran to the local store and bought the only thing they had on the shelf. Hartz 2 in 1 flea spray. The next 24 hours were a nightmare. He became very lethargic, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, wouldn’t even chase a mouse. I bathed him again and fed him with a bottle and now I am keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it. Any suggestions as to what to do about this poison?

Spread the word…

My fiance and I have five cats and recently discovered that our feline friends had a few “friends” of their own. Previously, I’ve purchased Frontline from my vet and have been very pleased with the results. While my pets have been lethargic for a day or so after treatment, the medicine works like a charm, even with animals who spend the majority of their time outdoors. Now owning five cats, my fiance and I decided to take the more convenient and least expensive route, and purchased Hartz 3-in-1 flea drops at our local Rite-Aid. I was skeptical that Hartz would work as effectively as Frontline, but was certainly willing to save a dollar or two to find out.

We applied the product around 8 PM on Thursday evening. The first thing that I noticed about this product was it’s ridiculously pungent odor – my cats smelled worse than a perfume counter at a department store. Still skeptical, but not concerned, I noticed that my cats were acting a little upset, but considered this behavior not unsusual considering my extensive experience with Frontline.

Friday, however, was an entirely different story. My cats went out of their way to let us know that something was horribly wrong. They were acting very strange, and very clingy, and would not let us out of their sight…so much so that, unable to sleep, I thankfully hopped on the internet and found this site. THANK YOU!! I woke my fiance up to let him know what I discovered, and we proceeded to bathe all five of our friends first thing this morning…and not a moment too soon: our youngest kitten was showing signs of an allergic reaction to her fur and skin near her neck, along with breathing problems, and two others were also showing signs of an allergic reaction to their necks, as none of the product had dispersed as normally seen with Frontline. In fact, all five still had an oily, messy matte of fur near the necks. To give all of them baths was absolutely heartbreaking, but we are so pleased that we did as they are now playing and napping and showing no signs of an adverse reaction.

Certainly, we will continue to monitor them diligently. But it has been comforting to find this site, and to have an opportunity to vent. It makes me ill to think that we could have lost all five of our dear friends just because we were feeling a little cheap. Please spread the word – tell everyone you know to avoid Hartz products at all costs!

Harmony had a late night flea spray

I thought I was doing a good thing by giviing my 8 year old daughters kitten a flea spray. I had already shown my little girl how to bathe the little fuzz ball. So when I thought I would show her how to spray for fleas, everything would be alright. The kitten always acted funny after a bath until it was dry, so when it acted like that after the spray it did not seemm unusual. We rinsed the spray off after a few minutes and dried the kitten off. I guess it’s a good thing I am on vacation right now, because I was up until 4 in the morning with the poor little guy. Something just didn’t seem right about him, so I sat with him and did some homework for my Business Ethics class. I really got worried when he was shaking non-stop when I was taking my girls to school. I called my vet as soon as possible, and after explaining everything with him, he opened early for us. When I showed him the bottle of “Kitten flea spray” he told me about the Hatrz Ban by vets. He gave the kitten some shots to keep it from dehydrating, and a shot of “Atropene” to counter act the spray. We went home while the meds did their job. I returned to the vet later that night before my class, for another series of shot like that morning. My plan was for the kitten to sleep while I sat in class, but the kitten died on our way to school. I did show the little one to my professor, and now my new assignment for Business Ethics is to write my paper on the Hartz Company. I already took pictures of my daughters kitten, and they will be included in the paper. I am glad for this site to help my daughter and her anger towards the Hartz Company, I will be able to use this for a major reference for the paper. In a lighter note, my daughter took the passing of her baby well. She wants to send a letter to the company, she thinks their name should be changed to “We care about money not animals”. She already wanted to be a vet herself, and this only pushes her harder to help animals.

If anybody out there has photos or other sites they would like to share, I will greatly appreciate it. This paper will be corrected of any mistakes and prepared for all to see after the class. I will be working with my vet to get everything ready to put the word out to the world. I will be looking at pet stores, vet offices, other victims, and the response from the Hartz company themselves (I was told they are aware of their products side-effects, and still use the same chemicals).

I am sorry for the victims and their families, and we can put an end to this terrible non-sense. I much like everyone has on this site, have told everyone I talk to. It always seems to be in a public place when I tell my story, maybe it should be that way.