Hopefully I’m Not Too Late Learning About This!

A few months ago, I overheard assistants at my vet’s office talking about Hartz flea shampoo, and heavily warning against using it on either dogs or cats. My cat is a white male Persian and just recently went through several painful and expensive surgeries, for a small urethra. After all of this, he got fleas. It’s been a bear trying to get rid of them, and even worse finding out about the level of danger with Hartz products.
I just bathed my cat yesterday, Sunday night, and noticed he was shuddering a little this morning. He was completely dry, so it worried me a little.
After work today I went straight to the vet and asked about what I had overheard several months ago.
I was told about how the Hartz flea products had poisoned and killed several pets. Also, that Hartz had been forced to take these products off the market during the summer, but they were back on the shelves now.
I quickly bought some DAVIS flea shampoo, and after comparing the two labels realized how horrible Hartz actually is. Even the warnings on Hartz are scary. “Atropine” is an “Antidote” to some pretty scary symptoms this product can cause.
How can they get away with putting this mess on the market?
“Gentle mild formula”? Sounds like a pretty BOLD lie to me.

I will NEVER buy Hartz products ever again, not even the toys. And that’s really the only brand of cat products in Petsmart or my local grocery stores.

It’s pretty discouraging to find out a company that’s supposed to be all about pets are really killing them.

I’m praying my cat won’t get anymore symptoms, and he seems to be alright as of now. He’s playing, purring, jumping and freaking out about my whistling like he always does. He’s still eating well, peeing lots and cleaning like he’s got OCD.

This cat is the last thing my father had a chance to give me, and he’s all I have left of my father.

Thank you so much for putting this site up and getting the word out. I will certainly help out by putting the banners on my sites and spreading information at work and parks.

My heart goes out to all the owners who have had their heart broken by this awful Flea and Tick drops, and I’m so glad I bypassed them, and frightened I even gave it consideration. You have saved my cat’s life and enlightened me. Thanks.

Walkertown, NC

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