Seems like we were

On last monday we administered a dose of the flea and tick medicine on the back of my little dog’s neck, she is an 18 month old mix and just a little thing. The next day she began to act oddly, crying a lot and unable to settle herself. We took her to the vet and told him about the Hartz meds that had been used. He said that that is terrible stuff and has killed cats that he’s treated and made many more animals really sick. He recommended that we bath the dog with a mild diluted soap (we used puppy shampoo diluted) and keep a close eye on her and bring her back if anything else happened with regards to her health. Thankfully she started to behave more normally and was able to settle and rest. She does have a nasty sore on her neck between her shoulders (where the medicine was initially placed). The area around the sore is very tender and she will not let us touch anywhere close to it.
I was so surprised to find out about all the trouble this “medicine” has caused. I can’t believe it is still available on the shelves. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost pets because of this awful stuff!

St. Catharines Ontario Canada

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