Recieved a response from Hartz.

I recievead a response from Hartz today regarding my cat Jewel who I had given the HArtz One Spot Flea and Tick treatment. I have already sent them the cats medical history and the results of tests that were done when he went to the vet on the 18th of August, but yet they need the information again. They did not send me a product refund with this letter as I had also requested, but they did enclose a mailing label for my convienience! Thank You give me my cat back! I am sending all the information back to them I hope to at least get my money back for the product, but I know in my heart they were the reason for my healthy 4 year old cat going through an agonizing death. I can’t help but think I am at fault..if i had of found this site sooner maybe he would still be here. The vet told me it was Acute Renal Failure due to toxicity..I wondered what was in my house that he would have ingested? And came to the conclusion nothing I have 2 small children and everything that could harm them or my animals is in a cupboard out of reach from them. anyway I will keep you posted with any other response from the company. I am sure they will give me the runaround.

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