Letter to Hartz!

August 18th, 2005

Hartz Canada Inc.
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3W7

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regards to your product Advanced Care? Control One Spot. I purchased this treatment from our local Zellers store on the 23rd of July and gave it to my two cats which are 5 years of age, and my dog.

After giving this treatment we noticed that one of my cats was getting thin, not thinking anything of it because we had just moved and thought the cat may just be adjusting to the new surroundings. Well if only that had been the case. Last week we had noticed the cat had been vomiting, it had no interest in eating, drinking and besides that we hadn?t seen him in a couple of days. When we took him up to look at him he was limp with no desire to even move, nothing but skin and bones, and all he would do was sleep. We called our local vet and told her of the problem, she immediately asked if there was anything different we had given him. The only thing I could think of was the Hartz product. She then asked if the cats groom each other, I told her yes. She said she had seen the same thing happen in other multiple cat households and to bring him in immediately.

When we got him to our veterinarian she told us that he was severely dehydrated and she would have to run tests to find out what was the problem. We agreed, even though we could not afford the bill. He was our baby. Approximately two hours later she called us to let us know that not only was he severely dehydrated but that his kidneys were failing and that he had to of ingested something but he was too far gone to tell us any specifics. She gave us the option of giving IV medication and seeing how that would work on him, but there were no guarantees he would get better. We made the decision not to prolong his agony, but do the humane thing and let him pass away. She had also said to us that she has seen this before in other cats that have been administered this product. So I had to come home without my ?Jewel? and feel like I was to blame for making my cat being severely sick. I also have to explain to my three year old where his kitty went.

After arriving home from the veterinarians? office I did some research on the product that I gave my cat. I was appalled to find the effects this product and others your company distributes to consumers. People like me that trust in a name and trust that your beloved animal is safe and come to find out that you are still selling this crap on the market and you know peoples pets are getting sick and some even dying from these treatments. I ask myself if anyone who works for you would even use these products even if they were given for free, knowing of the gamble they were taking with their pet?s lives! I am obviously very dissatisfied with this product, and in the future will be boycotting anything and everything manufactured by your company. I will also help spread the word to prevent others from losing a beloved family member like I did in order to save a few bucks. In short, I didn?t save anything; I have a vet bill of $300.00 dollars and couldn?t even save my cat. I am enclosing the remainder of the poison I was sold and a copy of my receipt, I am sure this will be enough to get a full refund of my purchase.


Marlyce MacMullin

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