If I Had Known Before I Purchased Hartz

After purchasing Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick Drops and applied it to my 5 year old cat, I wondered what the difference in ingredients was to medications such as Frontline. I went on the web and found the difference to be “phenothrin” which is an insecticide in many powerful insect killers. Then I went to the Hartz website and the first thing I read was that Hartz was voluntarily taking Hartz Advanced Care off the market as of March, 2006. It has been 24 hours since I applied the medication to my cat. It is a Sunday, and I cannot get a hold of a vet today. I am so upset and angry about this. I have washed my cat as the instructions advised. I can still smell the pesticide, and her lip is very swollen. She is a little lethargic. My store agreed to give me a refund for my purchase, but why hasn’t Hartz taken this lethal stuff off the shelves yet. How many other people such as myself are going to purchase this without knowing the consequences. Thank you for this website. I plan to take my cat to the vet as soon as they can get her in tomorrow.

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