Hartz almost killed my Gandolf

My favorite cat, Gandolf, recently was given Hartz flea medication and was harmed with toxisity. And after waiting 5 mins on the telephone to speak with an actual person we took him to the vet. When we took him in he was shaking severely, his eyes were huge, and could barely walk. I was so scared that I would lose my little kitty who in actuality is a year old. The first thing that came out of the vets mouth was oh god and they rushed him in the back to work on. Since we took him in on Friday he didn’t come home until Monday. The veternarian said we was really lucky and that Gandolf was like a super kitty. We really need to get back at the people who harmed my Gandolf. They should feel the same heartache and pain caused while i waited to see if my kitty would be okay.


Ariel Gann

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