defenseless kitten wracked with violent seizures

i am writing in reference to hartz flea drops. i put them on my kitten and within the hour my poor kitty was having numerous seizures and tremors. i had no idea that the product i trusted to use on him would poison him. i have been awake with him for 36 hours now, and though after alot of bathing in dawn dishwashing liquid, and praying for him non stop, he is improving. the tremors continue and he cant hardly walk, but i am at least hopeful now. that product is pure poison to animals and deadly too. no animal should have to endure that kind of punishment and torture, i hope i never see another animal in that kind of shape as long as i live. his poor body has been through a living hell , and its still not over. please do not use these products , they are deadly !!!!! i was in awe as i read on the internet countless other stories like mine, and many animals have died. lets push to remove these products from the shelves and save the lives of our beloved pets.

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