my poor dog

after putting on a hartz flea collar on my dog of 4-1/2 years she became very disoriented – muscle spasms – uncontrolable shaking and was very sick and in pain – i thought she was having a seziure after taken her to my vet – he instantly knew what was wrong with her – and instanly took the flea collar of her – and did a blood test and xrays to make sure nothing else was wrong – turns out she was being poisoned by the hartz flea collar – so he gave me some meds for pain and muscle relaxant and she is almost as healthy as before – but due to hartz co. they almost killed my beloved dog and cost me 241.00 vet bill to save my dogs life – need to take action and hartz co. owes me ! other beloved pets are being poisoned as well – DO NOT BUY ONE and PUT ONE ON YOR PET – the ingredient in it is a pesticide

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