Hartz isn’t just affecting cats, dogs are at risk too…

my little chihuahua Brewzer has been too the vet for the last 3 days. my fiance and i had used the hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray on our 2 dogs. our other dog is a pit bull named Justice. niether one had a problem with it until last sunday. brewzer was sprayed with this product on saturday and sunday morning on it was down hill from there. me and my little brewzer had taken a trip up to my parents’ house for the day and they had noticed him not acting like is usual happy go lucky self. i just thought it was because of my mom’s dog and that she had scared him. monday morning, i found out i was wrong. he wasn’t eating, drinking, hardly moving, and he was shaking. now this is a 10+ pound chihuahua, so he normally doesn’t shake unless he’s outside in the snow or scared. the night before he had a little diarrha, so i thought, okay upset tummy, he should be better by morning. when he wasn’t i called the vet and made an appointment that afternoon. while waiting for our appointment time to arrive, we laid little brew on the couch all curled up in a blanket and he wasn’t moving much. we went over to pet him and smelled an awful smell, he had pooped himself basicly. he had made no attempt to move or do anything. after that we rushed him to the vet, 2 hours before the appointment. the doctor told us that if we would have waited much longer he would have been dead. he was suffering from hypothermia, he was hypoglycimic, dehydrated, and had bloody diarrhea. $550 for that day, and that night i was suppose to take him to the pet e.r. but i couldn’t quite afford it so i took him home nursed him all night, didn’t sleep until after we took him back to the regular vet on tuesday. he stayed there all day, he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink. and one of his protien levels dropped dangerously low so i had no choice but to take him to the pet e.r. for the night. there was another $500+. i brought him home in the morning on wednesday, and had him checked by another vet, and then took him home for the day. he still needs another test done to make sure everything is going to be ok and to see if he needs some other kind of medical attention. i finally got him to eat and today, thursday, i got him to eat on his own and drink from a water bowl on the floor on his own will instead of my putting it in his face. wednesday was his one year birthday. but at least he was with us on it. hopefully he gets completly better and then we’re gonna celebrate his birthday better.

i wish i had known about this stuff long before i bought it and put in on my dogs. there are no warning labels, not side effects like, “hey your dog my die after you spray him with this”. these products need pulled from the shelves and more people need to be aware of the dangers in using them.

after all this, i want to make the biggest stink i can about this and make others aware that this can happen to dogs and cats. i was shocked to find out that this has happened to so many others and by alot of the same products. if we can’t sue hartz, we need to make them suffer as much as possible. everyone needs to quit purchasing their products and make them go under, or something just to get them off the store shelves.

thankx for letting me share my story, maybe my misfortune will make others think twice before buying the same things that i did.

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