Cat Poisoning! Twice!

One Sunday last month we decided to treat all of our animals for fleas. We do this fairly regularly. Except this time we bought it at the store. About an hour after using the drops, one of the cats started having a seizure. We had NO idea what was happening. Unfortunatly, after the first seizure my mom thought she was dying and gave her a ‘people’ medicine, “so she doesn’t suffer…”.
During the next convultion, we called the Vet Emergency room. They told us that they recieve MANY animals with complications to HARTZ — even DEATH. Within three hours she had been bathed and washed down 2 more times. This did not help! We went to the vet and had another seizure on the way. She was treated in time and would survive but the medicine we gave her had a Tylenol base.
Thank God she is overweight and it was not a lethal dose AND we had her at the vet within a few hours. Three days of IV’s and hospitalization, she is healthy again. The guilt of having poisoned our loved one twice in one day is awful. Of course she is now happy, especially since we are now complete push-overs for her.

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