Harmony had a late night flea spray

I thought I was doing a good thing by giviing my 8 year old daughters kitten a flea spray. I had already shown my little girl how to bathe the little fuzz ball. So when I thought I would show her how to spray for fleas, everything would be alright. The kitten always acted funny after a bath until it was dry, so when it acted like that after the spray it did not seemm unusual. We rinsed the spray off after a few minutes and dried the kitten off. I guess it’s a good thing I am on vacation right now, because I was up until 4 in the morning with the poor little guy. Something just didn’t seem right about him, so I sat with him and did some homework for my Business Ethics class. I really got worried when he was shaking non-stop when I was taking my girls to school. I called my vet as soon as possible, and after explaining everything with him, he opened early for us. When I showed him the bottle of “Kitten flea spray” he told me about the Hatrz Ban by vets. He gave the kitten some shots to keep it from dehydrating, and a shot of “Atropene” to counter act the spray. We went home while the meds did their job. I returned to the vet later that night before my class, for another series of shot like that morning. My plan was for the kitten to sleep while I sat in class, but the kitten died on our way to school. I did show the little one to my professor, and now my new assignment for Business Ethics is to write my paper on the Hartz Company. I already took pictures of my daughters kitten, and they will be included in the paper. I am glad for this site to help my daughter and her anger towards the Hartz Company, I will be able to use this for a major reference for the paper. In a lighter note, my daughter took the passing of her baby well. She wants to send a letter to the company, she thinks their name should be changed to “We care about money not animals”. She already wanted to be a vet herself, and this only pushes her harder to help animals.

If anybody out there has photos or other sites they would like to share, I will greatly appreciate it. This paper will be corrected of any mistakes and prepared for all to see after the class. I will be working with my vet to get everything ready to put the word out to the world. I will be looking at pet stores, vet offices, other victims, and the response from the Hartz company themselves (I was told they are aware of their products side-effects, and still use the same chemicals).

I am sorry for the victims and their families, and we can put an end to this terrible non-sense. I much like everyone has on this site, have told everyone I talk to. It always seems to be in a public place when I tell my story, maybe it should be that way.

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