it may just be sinking in

I was browsing journals when one title stuck out about HARTZ. I read the entry and was mortified. I called my mom to let her know not to use these products ever again. Then, thats when we got talking about our dog Jake we used to have. He was only a year old I had gotten him for my 18th birthday from PAWS. He was so cute and as soon as I went home I bathed him with the HARTZ shampoo. He was fine, but a few months later after we bathed him again he began having seizures. We took him to the vet because it was so unbearable to see. The vet gave us some calcium bromide to give to the dog but the seizures began to get worse and worse. Then one day he had a seizure that was so bad we had to get him put to sleep. It lasted longer then any other and it happened in my room. He ended up shutting the door on my mom and knocked her over. He was helpless. He ended up breaking a few things of mine but it didn’t matter I just wanted him to be okay. After the seizure he was always disoriented but this time it was as though he was blind. He kept walking into walls and could barely walk, you could tell he was suffering and it still breaks my heart even moreso now because I feel I have been a victim of HARTZ.

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