I used 3 in 1 without incident

Someone asked to hear from anyone who’s pets didn’t get sick so, here goes…
Last year my mom had breast cancer and I lost my job. I was at her house on and off from Spring to Fall. Naturally, I brought my tuxedo cat Speedbump who had just turned one. While there, I found another tux kitten the vet said was about nine weeks old. I named him Treadmark. Well, through the months the fleas got bad. My mom lives on the East coast of Florida and the hurricanes knocked power out. She has three dogs and, with the heat, the back door was kept open. Tread and Bump stayed in the guest room, but got fleas anyway. A month or two passed and my mom’s chemo was complete and I was going back home for good. Still jobless, my mom (who’s a groomer) wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. We stopped by a Walmart (or maybe K-mart?) and she decided to buy flea treatment since her “grandkittens” were miserable and I was too broke to get the good stuff. We both thought that the worse that could happen would be that it didn’t work very well (which it doesn’t – not at all.) She got two packs of three (one for over 10lbs. and another for under since Tread was still small.) I still waited a few weeks to use it because I’m sketchy about what I put on my babies. Before I went to put it on, I came across a tube of Advantage the vet had given me when I found Treadmark. I put that on him (Thank God. I’ve since realized he’s pretty delicate compared to Bump.) I put the Hartz on Speedbump. It smelled strong and just slid down the back of his neck. I couldn’t pet him for days because the junk just stayed there. I never used it again (and again, Thank God) because it didn’t do it’s job and just made his fur sloppy. So, even the best case scenario still isn’t great. I volunteer with a no kill shelter and I’m FLOORED I’ve never heard about this problem until now! My mom (dog groomer) never heard about this, either (she felt so rotten when I told her and couldn’t believe it’s still legal to sell it.) Thanks to this site for getting the word out (I’m glad I stumbled across it.) I just got really, really lucky. If I had known, I would have never pushed that luck in the first place. Nothing is worth putting my kids in harms way. My heart goes out to every victim and their “parents”. I’m telling everyone I know about how high the chances are this stuff can harm their fur-babies!

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