Hartz product caused Stinky’s seizure

Monday night around 8:00pm, I put Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ on all 5 of my cats. I didn’t feel good about purchasing Hartz products, but my current financial situation doesn’t allow me to buy the more expensive products…especially for 5 cats!! So needless to say I bought the cheap stuff. Well about 6 hours later, Stinky woke me up (2:30am), he was having a full blown seizure, thrashing on the ground, salivating uncontolably, scrathing at the carpet…it was horrible. I stayed with him till the seizure was over (2-3 very long minutes) and immediately after I called my local 24 hr. emergency vet. They said I should wash him right away with dish soap…twice, which I did. They said this is not unusual for Hartz products and that I should bring him in for monitoring. I was worried about the cost and driving at 2:30 in the morning, so I kept an eye on him at home. He had tremors for the rest of the night and was still tremoring in the morning when I had to leave for work. I was worried sick about him all day, (yes I felt very guilty leaving him alone and not taking him to the vet!) but luckily, when I got home, he was back to his old self. My other 4 cats though were not. They were lethargic and unhappy and one was endlessly licking herself where I had put the drops (in the recomended place!) I washed all 4 of the other cats and today they are fine. I called Hartz today to tell them about the incident. They were unappoligetic and they said that if I mailed in the UPC codes I would get a refund but that I would have to pay the postage. I also bought 5 Hartz flea collars, which I am also returning. I will never, never, never buy Hartz products again and will recommend to everyone I know never to either!!! Please boycott Hartz Products, they are poison!!!

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