Annie was not as lucky…

Sadly, we lost our precious kitten this evening, due to having come in contact with Hartz 2-1 dog flea and tick spray…having went the cheap way and buying the three dogs in the house Hartz, flea and ticks spray, our little 5 month old kitten, got near the dogs and their bedding which had been sprayed and is now dead!! This is a disgrace!! Once we noticed that Annie, was in trouble, I called Hartz…only to get in touch with a bonafide idiot, that had to look things up on a computer and give me a case number, telling me they would cover the vet bill…this did not save my little girl…in the morning they WILL get a peace of my mind, I plan on letting them have it with all I have in me…yes they might have the option of hanging up, however, I have the option of redialing…they need to know that they are murderers! Sorry for ranting but I am horribly disturbed right now…thanks for letting me vent. Windy

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