Tiki Tiger almost died

Hi, I noticed one flea on my one year old cat Tiki-Tiger and the pet stores were closed so I opted to buy the cheap Hartz brand flea drops, assuming they would be weak in comparison to Advantage and Frontline. I had to take Tiki into the ER Vet in the middle of the night when he was having shaking/tremors and lethargic. They said he is lucky and is not as bad off as many they’ve see. My other cat seems to be ok (probably because she is much larger) but she still has fleas!
-It is disgusting that this stuff is still on the market.

The product I used was called Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 flea and tick drops. When I called he company they said I can send the vet bill and I hope to be reimbursed. But they seemed kinda unphased by it all…and asked if it is possible the cat might have licked the product after it was on his fur! I said, yes probably since he IS A CAT! that is what cats do for goodness sakes. When I put the drops on him he immediately seemed like it hurt him, maybe burned his skin? It is also has a very bad pefumy smell.

After putting drops on him, within a few hours that evening he was shaking and lethargic and very jumpy. when I’d reach to pet his head he’d have a startle response, which is not like him at all. He is the most friendly cat i have ever known. The Vet said that it causes the nervous system to get messed up, which is why he was having the tremors and seemed nervous. They had to shave some of his leg hair to give him a muscle relaxant shot and also put a lot of fluids into him with a syringe/shot, I think to wash out or weaken the pesticide. and also told me to wash him right away.

I wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper to warn other pet owners, but it has not been published. I wrote to Walgreen’s where I bought the stuff to tell them too. I also wrote to a local tv station. I want the word to get out. I had never heard about this and I read a lot about pets!

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