Nina’s traumatic night

I have not had Nina for long… only 6 months or so. She is a year old calico cat and sweeter than any other I know. I had just picked her up from the hospital last week as her system was backed up – hair issues, etc… She was back to her spunky self. I noticed both her and my 9 year old cat had fleas even though they are indoor cats. I’ve given my older cat, Bootsie, Advantage before from the vet – that is what we usually use. I lost my job and I’m surviving for the past couple months on pathetic unemployment so I couldn’t afford the $35.00 for each cat since Nina is only 8 lbs and Bootsie tips the scale at 16 lbs. I was at the store and saw the Hartz flea and tick plus drops and thought I could trust the Hartz name. A few hours after I put it on her, she started having tremors and spasms and I totally lost it. I saw this website after I called a local 24 hr emergency hospital and they told me to call poison control for animals. Apparently you have to pay $50 for them to talk to you… we got instructions to bath her twice more (we already did once as soon as I saw her symptoms with antibacterial soap) with dishwashing liquid to remove all her oils and the meds. I then had to wrap her up in a blanket with me and a heating pad as well as syringe-feed her baby food mixed with low sodium chicken broth that was heated to body temperature. I was so scared and so angry that something like this is on the shelves. My vet and the poison control as well as the 24 hr vet hospital all said DO NOT buy over-the-counter medicine for pets, it is not regulated and is not safe. I felt like I poisoned my kitten which is exactly what happened. I don’t care that Hartz feels like they are doing something by revamping their packaging and warning labels – THESE PRODUCTS SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE SHELVES AND NOT BE SOLD!!!! I feel betrayed by a company I thought I could trust. I’m also telling everyone I know not to buy any of their products, toys, etc… a company that claims to care about animals but puts something this dangerous on the shelves should be boycotted. Nina is doing so much better this morning after we cared for her and helped her through the reaction she had to this toxic substance. I just thank God that she is still here… no thanks to Hartz… shame on them!!!!

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