We had three beautiful cats

We thought we were protecting our animals when all along we were unknowingly killing them. Heather, our brave 9 year old calico was suffering for a long time with an illness that the vet could not pinpoint. She was unable to keep down very much food for quite some time. One day she left and never returned. Granted, anything could have happened to her. But, Benny our 15 year old Siamese lost a patch of hair on the back of his neck and has suffered convulsions at least twice, shortly after application of the medicine. Just recently we put to sleep our baby. 5 year old Jasmine was a young and healthy black cat. We had used Hartz on her for her entire life. We took her to the vet because she wasn’t eating and she spent three days sleeping in the basement, not wanting to go outside. Jasmine’s last few hours were spent cuddled up next to Benny, the poor baby looked awful. She did not return from that last trip to the vet. We were told she had severe liver damage, a sign of long term poisoning. Our family is heartbroken and I hold Hartz fully responsible.

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