Update on Summer—

We had to put our beloved 18 month old Golden Retriever Summer to sleep yesterday. It was gut wrenching. She wanted to live so badly in her heart and mind, but her body would not allow her to. As I am telling people about what happened, I am running into people who tell me their dog had side effects from using Hartz products, but they did not put 2 and 2 together that it was a Hartz product that caused it until now. One of our neighbors used the dog flea dip a couple of months ago, and several days later he was asking me if I could think of a reason why Sandy would be losing patches of fur. I could not, but now we BOTH know it was the flea dip. He was very upset about my dog, as our dogs played together. Then, another neighbor said that her dog was vomiting a couple days after putting the product on, but at the time thought he ate something bad, or he was just a little sick. She threw the rest of the product out yesterday. All I know is that I hope that by telling people about this, it will prevent someone else’s precious pet from going through what my baby Summer did. My husband, four kids and I (and all our neighbors and friends) will never forget Summer……

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