kill their cat at the local supermarket?

I first saw your site sometime last year, when my cat went into convulsions a few minutes after I applied Hartz flea drops. After a bath, he was fine, and I am very thankful that nothing terrible happened. I am afraid of all pesticides now, and I won’t use anything but a flea comb to keep my cat pest-free.

Last week at the grocery store, I saw a man going through the Hartz pest control section, looking for a flea treatment. I stopped and told him my story and about this website — I asked him to please not endanger his pets. He just looked at me like I was insane and, a few minutes later, I saw him in a different section with his handbasket loaded up with Hartz pest control products. I see from your EPA link that Hartz has agreed to stop production of the product that affected my cat… but sales will continue for some time. Do you have any better ideas about what to say when someone is about to kill their cat at the local supermarket?

NBC reporter looking for victims in South Florida

My name is Joel Connable. I am the consumer reporter at NBC 6 in Miami. I am looking for people in Florida who may have had problems with Hartz flea collars or spray and they dogs. You can email me at [email protected] if you live in South Floirida. I am interested in doing stories on this if it is still timely. Thank you. Joel Connable

Another Innocent Victim!

My name is Nick. My girlfriend and I found a cat alittle over a year ago. We nursed it back to health and it eventually got very healthy and became a wonderful and deeply loved friend. Her name is “Boo” she is one of the sweetest cats i have ever seen. I have to admit i never was much of a cat person but after keeping her for a week or two, i fell in love. Boo could always bring a smile to my face when i came home and saw her sitting at the door waiting for me to come in.
More to the point, my sister kept my cat for me for a couple of days as i was moving. When i went to pick Boo up my sister handed me Hartz Flea and Tick Drops, saying “Here you can have this to get rid of the fleas.” Last night i apllied the drops to Boo, following the instructions and even using less than is said because ive never been a fan of poisons like that. I figured it would be ok becaue my brother used the Harts dog drops and his puppies were fine. A few hours after putting it on i noticed that Boo didnt like the drops very much, she was kind of trying to rub it off. So i went
to the bathroom and got a wet towel and wiped it off, but left a small area. This morning she seemed ok, but later in the day she started getting really reserved and hiding, she wouldnt come when called like she normally does with great enthusiasm.
I thought she was just alittle put off by moving into a new place. A few hours later i noticed her motor skills decreasing, she had trouble walking straight, her leg would twitch randomly, and her nose was running. She tried to put her paw up on my leg and she could barely muster the energy to do so. As she tried i could see her leg shaking slighly. My girlfriend and i decided, thats it! We are washing this crap off! As i washed her, i told my girlfriend to call the number on the hartz box because i recalled the mention of tremors. For on the guy on the phone was a complete ass but he said bring her to the vet immediately. So we rushed to the local Univeristy Veternary Hostpital. This is where i realized how serious things were. The doctor there said she gets cases like this atleast once a week from people who use Hartz products!!! She was very helpful and gave me loads of information on what was going on. I instantly called my brothers and sisters letting them know to stop using Hartz instanly!! While the doctor continued to help, my brother called me back and said he looked online and found this site and others and told me about all these cases. I was horrified. I felt like a victim, not to mention poor Boo, who was now on IVs and relaxants ETC…I feel like Hartz has hurt my baby on purpose. I have more anger than i know what to do with. Thank god the doctor at the university had seen many of the cases, so she knew exactly waht to do.
I spent 300 dollars so far, but the numbers will rise to save my babies life.
When we got home we researched online about all these cases. And how hartz is going to stop making the product by October but it wont be off the shelves until March!
Also they are only removing the cat drops! The cat flea collars, dog drops, flea powders, flea shampoos, and so on will STILL BE ON THE [email protected]@@!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE JUST AS DEADLY! I am completely outraged, just the cat drops being taken off the market is not enough, the pesticide used in hartz products has been illegal for farm use and so on for years now! Hartz will continue to poison our beloved friends, they will continue to torture, kill, and disfigure our babies. What gets me is that lawsuits were filed in 2002, three years later by baby Boo was nearly killed by this damn product. Boo is still in the hospital and probably will be for a few days.I am very upset about Hartz, action must be taken to get their flea and tick products off the market or for them to use another pesticide that isnt deadly to pets. I am 100% serious in my resolve to stop this company from torturing our pets. LOOK AT THE PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE! It looks like chemical and neverous system damaged caused in the first Desert Storm, also simular to damage from Hiroshima and other nuclear areas. IT IS COMPLETELY UNNATURAL AND DISTURBING!! It is sick, cruel, and unusual torture to these poor animals. If anyone is serious about putting an end to Hartz’ torture pleas contact me! There is still work to be done! The other flea products must go aswell!
[email protected]
And Please pray for my baby Boo, she is not out of this hell just yet!

P.S. The flea drops also made my girlfriend sick the very night we put it on. I also felt a bit funny.

Hartz killed my cat 20 years ago!

I first experienced the loss of a pet because of a Hartz product nearly 20 years ago in 1987. I had two cats each about 3 years old and healthy. Living in South Florida it was no time before the fleas arrived.

I had long used shampoos but, never thought them to be effective. I had used Sevin dust on big dogs in the past but, felt that on such a small animal it may be too much. Hartz had just come out with a product called “Blockade”.

I applied Blockade not giving it much thought. I felt surely they test this stuff for years before allowing it on the market. If a product was found to cause health problems, in even a small percentage of animals, then Hartz Mountain – a giant in the pet health industry – would surely not sell the stuff. Sadly, I was wrong and have lived with the guilt that I killed my cat for nearly 20 years!

Of the two cats, one died the next morning in my arms as I was taking him to the vet, the other survived. She was clearly affected and I thought she would die as well. Fortunately, after bathing and forcing her to drink water she pulled through. She turns 22 in October!

Since, then I have never purchased a Hartz product and told anyone who would listen of how Hartz helped me kill my cat. Until I moved to a more colder climate I treated the fleas by using Sergeant’s flea dip which never caused a problem.

I now have a policy of not using a product that has not been in use by the public for at least 5 years. I still miss Louise!

– Joey

Hartz Control Spray – Epileptic Seizure

I have a 5 yr old mix breed. She is in good health but started to have a seizure and lose coordination. It lasted a few minutes then subsided. I took her to the vet. We ran multiple tests and everything came back normal. The vet concluded, by process of elimination, that it could be epilepsy.

After the diagnosis, I got online to look up more facts about canine-epilepsy. I found out that seizures are usually preceded by strange behavior such as panting, salivating, and nervousness. This can be hours or even days before the seizure. It also stated that seizures can be caused by other things such as chemical reactions. That’s what got me thinking because a few days before her seizure, I sprayed my dog with Hartz Control Flea & Tick Repellent. I had never used it before, but bought it because I am dog sitting my mother’s dog and didn’t want my dog to get fleas. Minutes after I sprayed her with it she started to act “weird”. Her eyes were wide, her ears were low, she was panting, climbing up and down the furniture, acting very nervous. My husband got concerned and told me to hose her down. I did. About three days later, she had the seizure.

I did a Google search on seizures and flea spray and came across various stories that sounded similar to mine. I am convinced that the Hartz Control was the cause of her seizures. I am hoping to help expose this and force Hartz to recall products with dangerous chemicals and put warnings on their labels. People should be aware of this danger.

JB Gonzalez

Kittens die after being fed to Hartz Milk Replacement for kittens

My cat had 6 kittens last spring and had difficulty feeding. My family and I bought milk replacement from the vet and they were doing great. We ran out of the formula and ran to the grocery store and bought Hartz Advance Care Milk Replacement for kittens. We fed the 3 week old kittens the formula and within days all the kittens were dead. We really did not know why the kittens had died. We just thought they were young and couldn’t survive without the mom’s milk. My cat became pregnant again very quickly and had 6 more kittens. Again she had difficulty feeding so we purchased formula from the vet. We fed the kittens for 5 weeks. They were healthy, lively, energetic, happy kittens. Again, we ran out of formula this weekend (Labor Day). I fed three of the kittens with the vets formula and ran out so the other kittens were fed with Hartz Advance Care Milk Replacement for Kittens. The three I fed with the vet formula are energetic and alive. The other kitten fell into a coma like state and died. My children are devastated! I am truly heart broken!

My six year old dog is dead

Too upset to write much but the bottom line is that my loyal six year old 11o lb. yellow lab dropped dead 7 days after being treated with Hartz flea and tick.

He was a great loving and well loved partner.

He never had any health problems and ran like the wind. He died when he got excited by a dog walking by our home . This does not make any sense. Seven days after he was given the treatment (as he laid dead) the hartz still smelled very strong on his lifeless body. My eyes watered from the sting of the treatment as I held him after his death. After I kissed him goodbye I noticed that my lips became numb. My vet was amazed that such a healthy dog could just drop dead. I gave him CPR for 20 mins but he did not respond.

I am crushed, my wife of 25 years who treated him with Hartz is crushed and our marrage is damaged beyond description.

We both loved Budrick and are very worried about our Shepard who was also treated at the same time as Budrick. We gave the shepard an aggressive bath when we got home from the vet but who knows what is in his system.

I loved Budrick and my well meaning wife loved him too. We are near the point of no return. Don’t know for sure that Hartz had anything to do with this but with 1800 web postings about hartz causing problems what reasonable person would not suspect this was a contributer? Our vets gaurded comments also supported our guess.

This really sucks. But I do not expect anything to change other than an expected attack from corp. america because of my opinions and personal tragidy,

Hope they all sleep well.

Drunk for the first time in 20 years because of my lost parner. Please excuse any grammer and spelling errors.

I really loved my dog Budrick and believe corp. americal killed him in the name of profits.

What do they care.

Killing Other Peoples’ Pets

I receive a lot of submissions from people asking, “Josh, I know some Hartz products are bad for cats, but… Can I use this on my dog? Can I buy this chew toy? Can I send flea collars to my son who is in the Army in the Middle East to prevent desert ticks? Can I give my canary Hartz food? Can I use Hartz flea powder around my apartment even if I don’t have pets?”

NO! Absolutely not. Even if you don’t have a pet, call a vet for his or her recommendation. I get pretty damn upset when people e-mail me and tell me to go to hell because I killed their cat because they think I’m Hartz. But what upsets me more is when people ask me if it’s okay to use a certain kind of Hartz product.

No! I’m not going to advocate the use or purchase of ANY Hartz product. Basically what you’re doing is saying, “Hey, Josh, I’d like to support the company that almost killed your cat, as well as thousands of others, by asking you if it’s okay to purchase a product manufactured by Hartz.”

I hate to be so forthright and blunt, but, use your damn head.

No! Do not buy a damn Hartz product. Ever.

If you do, you’re killing someone else’s pet.

Sleep well…

Kitties + Fleas * Bad meds = pissed off tortie

One of our cats managed to get fleas and being broke and looking for a way to treat them we purchased Hartz flea and tick drops to put on everyone to help keep the fleas at bay from them. Well we put it on our Tortie Sora and 2 days later we discovered she had started having a skin reaction. Well we immediately gave her a bath in the sink, not an easy feet seeing that she’s well a tortie, and dried her off carefully by holding her, not that she was very happy about that. It was then that we discoverd how bad hartz is for our cats and that we were lucky that we’d caught her reaction, that none of the cats had experience a bad reaction, and that Sora’s reaction was not worse.

I called Hartz to inform them of what had happend to our cat and they weren’t very helpful with anything. They said if I took her to a vet and provided a whole crap load of paperwork then we’d be “considered for reimbursement of the vet bills.” And that if we wanted a refund for the product we had to mail in the unused portion to them. We’d purchased 3 of the monthly drops, seeing that we have 8 cats, and I’d thrown out all but 1 of them. Damn Hartz and their unhelpfullness and their greed for money over the health of our cats.