Please do not use this product on your cats..

Last night (Monday) at 10:00pm my sister applied a tube of ADVANCED CARE? 4 in 1? Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ for Cats for cats 10 lbs and over. This morning I awoke to strange EXTREMELY strange behavior.

If my cat isn’t already in bed with me.. he IMMEDIATELY comes to see me when I get out of bed. This morning he was no where to be found. Thinking it was slightly odd, I told myself that he was probably in sleeping with my sister. At this point I had no knowledge that she had applied the HARTZ product.

When I went to get dressed this morning I was shocked to reach into my drawer and feel my cat shivering slighly. I pulled the drawer open and pulled him out (much to his dismay). He was pawing at his ear, which was twitching slightly. Confused, I ran my hand over his head and felt the greasy substance. I smelled my hand and at first thought someone had put lotion on him. He did NOT want me to touch or hold him at all, which is VERY out of a character for him. He’s the type of cat you can poke and prod and he’ll sit very quietly. I put him down and smelled the substance again. I remembered that she had bought some flea medicine and immediately put two and two together. I got a towel and began to wipe off the excess product. I thought it was strange there was so much left over, but figured she had recently applied it. Pharoah seemed happy that it was being wiped off, so I continued until I had to leave for work.

At this point I was completely unaware that Hartz or any product sold on the shelves would be TOXIC to my cat. At 12:00pm today I came back home for lunch.

I couldn’t find Pharoah anywhere again, normally he greets me at the door. I looked around and found him hiding under my sisters desk. I picked him up and he was shaking slightly and his ear was twitching uncontrollably. He would run his paw up over his head and then lick it clean and repeat the process. He was very unaware of his surroundings and wanted to be touched even less than before.

I called the vet and a technician told me that this is typical of HARTZ products and that I should bathe him immediately. I knew he would HATE that.. but I was afraid for his safety so I did as told. I dried him as best as I could and sat with him for a moment before having to return to work.

I came home at 5:00pm tonight and he was in a box at the back of a closet he NEVER enters. Fearing even further for his safety I called the vet and took him in. After a dose of anti-toxin, muscle relaxors, and valium.. my cat still isn’t well. After taking him to the Emergency Vet Clinic the vet assures me that after some serious fluids (to flush out his system), another dose of the anti-toxin, and some constant supervision, that he should be back to normal in a few days.

I still do not know the outcome of this terribly traumatic ordeal. I’m not sure my cat will be okay.. I’m not sure if he’ll even ever be the same. If you love your cats let me just start by saying their life is WORTH the extra money to ensure their safety. This situation is completely reliant on HARTZ and the neglect they have shown by letting this product continue to be sold. I will be contacting the company shortly after I post this. BUT PLEASE.. if you were fortunate enough to check out the product first DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR CATS. Saving the extra money just isn’t worth their life.

Our cat Aden, passed away ……

after using Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops less then a week ago. My son (19) found him the next day when he arrived from work. Aden was only 3 yrs old, indoor cat and full of energy. The night before, around dinner time, we put the Drops on per direction. The next morning we found vomit and Aden was what seemed ‘depressed’. Then the shock came to me when I got home. I called Hartz and they also trans. me to some consultation lady that has no connection with Hartz. I think it’s a matter of leagality or something. Not sure where we go from here, I have to dig our cat up, head to Lincoln, about an hour drive to the University Lab to have a necrospy (spelling) done on him and then they are supposed to send the results to Hartz. Then what? A “sorry” from Hartz and a……oh by the way, here’s a refund on the Drops” Mom and son

Why ?

Is it just me, or does this thing just snowballing? Any efforts made to try and take Hartz off the shelves has failed . . . it’s been almost 5 years and nothing has happened no matter how extreme the case is. What happened to the many years before that… when no one said anything about it? I think something is going on, whether it’s from Hartz trying to cover things up… or simply they are following all the laws they are supposed to and the product effects different animals in different ways.

Personally, I’ve used hartz on all my animals and have never had a bad reaction… nuerologically or physically. . . some people’s pets have no reactions… so it may just be different effects to different animals… just like some humans have adverse affects to different medications…

I don’t know. . . it just seems odd. . .

Update on the Liver Damage to my Himalayan Cat Haze

Just wanted to let those who have read my first “installment” that I just came back from the vets. After 7 days of IV’s and tests and prayers…Haze didn’t make it. I held her in my arms while the vet euthenized her. I sure hope no one else has to go through that!

Kris Lavieri
Northfield, CT
email: [email protected]

Hartz 2 in 1 Dip almost killed my cat

My Stinky is 4 years old. Last month I gave her treatment with 2 in 1 Dip for Dogs and Cats. A day later I had to take her to emergency clinic. They told me that the product couses neurological damage in cats. She spent the night on IV, next day I took her home, only to take her back at night. In total she spent 4 days on IV with chemical burns all over her body! She is home know, but she is still not back to normal. I feel guilty and stupid, because after I talked to the vet and ASPCA poison control I found out that it is well known that HARTZ products are dangerous. I bought HARTZ because I thought that it is safer (may be not as effective) than the products you buy from the vet.

Cotten our beloved cat

Hi my name is Jamie and my friend had to hear some very bad news today, her beloved cat, Cotten had died because of this flea medication. I had to cry myself, the cat was only four years old and had to die a slow and painful death. I havent heard the whole story but i promised myself to definetely try to do everything to stop this medication of being sold! You might see the same story again by my friend, because she will probablly want to write her own story. Please think about this and DO NOT buy Hartz medication!!!!

Potential Fatal Liver Damage to my Himalayan Cat Haze

We had a first time ever outbreak of fleas in our house this summer. We have three cats, two outdoor (Thelma & Thunder) and one indoor (a pure bred Himalayan named Haze). We went to PetCo and asked what they recommended since we didn’t have any experience in choosing products. When they gave us Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray and a Hartz brand collar, we felt good knowing it was a “name brand” and that we would be able to trust it.

The two outdoor cats were fine. But over the course of a few weeks, we noticed a dramatic weight loss in Haze. At first it was hard to tell under all that hair of hers!! She is such a fuzzball!

When we finally got her to the vet, about 5 weeks after the first flea treatment, she had withered down to about 6 pounds. Pretty thin for a two year old female. The vet knew right away what was going on. He said that he sees two or three cases of this every summer, and it usually affects indoor cats or pure-bred cats because they have not developed the immune system that outdoor cats and mixed breds have.

He said that the chemicals had seeped into her bloodstream and caused her liver to fail. On Tuesday (September 12) he put her on an IV to try to flush the poisions out of her system. On Friday (September 15) I spoke to him to see how she was doing. He said that she was suffering from starvation and jaundice due to the problems with her liver. He didn’t know yet if she had past the point of “no return”. He said that I had three choices. First, take her home then, but he said that there was no chance of her surviving. Second, give her a few more days on the IV and see how she does. Third, to put her down.

We discussed the issues and decided that we would give her the weekend to see if she turns the corner. The vet stated that if her blood levels didn’t improve by Monday that they never would…and that I needed to start thinking of that ultimate choice. So now…it is Sunday afternoon….Haze has 24 hours to beat this thing or she’ll have to be put down.

Thanks to Hartz…it appears that they forced me to make the decision to kill my cat the moment I sprayed their posion on her fur! I am hurt, furious and feel guilty for causing my own cat’s suffering.

I’ll let you know what happens within the next 24 hours. Keep your fingers crossed for Haze.

i poisoned my 4 cherished pets!

i recently bought Hartz 2 in 1 flea & tick spray for cats. ive got 4 cats, and applied it too all of them shortly after we got it. we planned on bombing the house, and applying frontline to all the cats, but needed something to kill the fleas living on them at the time.. we went to wal mart and got the only thing we could afford. it said on the label, it was compared to frontline.

i applied it to 4 cats, thank god i didnt give them quite as much as the directions indicated (it said 15-25 sprays per animal, we did 10-15, depending on their size) as we applied it the cats acted like it hurt, we assumed it was fine, cats dont like being wet, or the smell of flea meds! shortly after they were ‘medicated’ (more like poisoned!!) we noticed them shivering, panting, acting really lethargic and unlike themselves, puking, acting like they were in extreme pain. we knew it had to be the spray, and washed all the cats off really well, and had them drink alot of water.

i went online, to check out the medication, and i was STUNNED when i found this website

all i can say is im glad none of our animals were seriously injured or died from the use of this product. i just hope nothing worse happens in the future.

the cats seem to be back to normal for the most part. but i will never use this again, or any hartz product. i have posted my story and the link to this website on the site i work for, told everyone i know to beware, hoping maybe ill save the life of someones valued pet.