Ruffin’s Hartz Nightmare

My puppy Ruffin is not quite 6 months old. But about a month ago I noticed he had some fleas. So one day I was wandering around Target when I came to the Pet section. I roamed the aisles looking for toys, when I came across Hartz 3 in 1 Flea drops. They were a little cheaper than the Advantage from the vet. So I went ahead and bought some. I took it home, gave Ruffin a bath and applied the Hartz exactly as the package instructed. His fur looked a little waxy but then it went away about a day later. Well, about 4 days later he started acting a little wierd. It seemed as though he was walking sideways. Then the next day he did it again only this time he was trembling also. The following day we came home took him out, he did his business, then we brought him in and gave him his treat for being a good boy. He started walking sideways again. He came into our room and just fell over, he got up walked a little bit and fell over again, only this time his left front paw was up by his chest and he just froze. Freaked me and my boyfriend out so I called the 24 hour vet in our area. He stayed overnight with IV’s, they took blood and found that it was in fact the Hartz that had caused this seizure. We brought him home last night and he just wasn’t himself. He peed without even making an attempt to get up. And he is still trembling, so I am headed back to the vet tonight. I feel horrible for doing this to my pet and I feel stupid for not knowing that this product would harm my baby. It disgusts me that nothing has happend. I only hope this helps get the word out there.

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