Hartz flea spray

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share with you my story about how the Hartz Company affected my pet. I went to the store and bought a can of Flea Spray for Cats, I must say now this was about 7 years ago.
It stated on the can to thoroughly spray the flea medication into the fur and rub it in. Within 2 hours we were in trouble. My cat come stumbling into the living room and she had a strange look in her eyes. I realized that even though I applied this flea spray according to the instructions that she must have been poisoned. I immediately took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath, desperately trying to get all the flea medication off her fur. She kept going down hill after the bath, so we called the vet, and they said to come right in. My cat had to remain at the vets office all night, they started an I.V. to flush her kidneys. Yes she was Posioned, and No I am not a careless pet owner and I did follow their directions to the “T”.
The vet saved her life. Which now our Bailey is 9 years old, but the reprecussions from the Hartz is that our cat has Seizures now. Probably about once a month, maybe twice a month. We took her in when the Siezures started and the vet ran all kinds of tests on her blood work. They even checked for any lead levels in her blood (that test alone cost us $50.00) we live in a very old house, turned 100 this year in 2005. We refinished a bedroom a few years ago and thought our cat might have injested something from stripping paint off the baseboards etc…not the case, she was never allowed into the room we worked on, the door remained shut when we were not in there working. We are very concentious pet owners (I am a groomer by the way). Our vet after hearing our story about the Flea Spray said she very well may have Nureological damage. SO PLEASE NEVER USE THE HARTZ PRODUCTS THE COST IS CHEAP BUT NOT WORTH IT.
I feel like Baileys Seizures are my fault I am the one who treated her. I cannot stress enough that I will always “hate” the Hartz company and I have never bought another product from them, dont intend to. My cat suffers and I pray that if anyone reading this will LISTEN UP, we dont know down the road what these products will do to our pets. So use caution. Dont you think if these products were so great they would be indorsed at our vets office?? Discount stores/chains should tell you right there to stay away. There is alot to be said for a Cheap Product.
When Bailey has a Seizure she flops around on the floor like she was hit by a car, it is very hard to see this happening. She most of the time will bite her tongue in the process. She wets all over herself since she cannot hold her bladder, she has a cry that tears our hearts out, not like a normal MEOW, its more like a MOAN. When she comes out of it she is extremely jumpy. By this time I am trying to clean her up so she is confused why I am doing this. She has a strange look in her eyes for a little while until she comes back around fully.
Thanks for listening. I pray our Bailey has a long life. She is not on Seizure medicines as of yet, she would have to have them more frequently before the vet will put her on anything. So I guess this is something we will have to worry about in the future as she ages more and more. What a life HUH??
Remember Take Care Of Your Pets, They Cannot Speak For Themselves, do the right thing DONT USE HARTZ Products I beg you!!

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