disgusted even more after finding this website

I got on the computer to look up information on Hartz 2 in 1 fea & tick cat spray. I used it yesterday on both of my young long hair cats. My furniture is now ruined because the product, even after dry, ate the finish off my coffee table and headboard of an expensive wall unit. I therefore read the label and found ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING ABOUT [email protected] Then I find these horror stories about damage and death to the animals. I immediatly bathed both cats, which have never had to be bathed, and am hoping to be one of the lucky ones. If Hartz doesn’t even warn about something as obvious as furniture damage, guess they either don’t have any fear of lawsuits, or just don’t care. Even canned bug sprays warn you to cover your furniture. More important is the health problems and deaths caused by Hartz products. I am disgusted with this company and will be contacting them about my furniture and very hopefully not about a bad reaction from my cats.

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