Woody Mac

I formerly used store bought Deworming pills for the described. After the second time, I never used it again. I must admit, after giving it to our family cat the first time, we didn’t really observe what he went through. The second time we surely did. That poor cat looked as if he truly was going to meet His Maker. Between all of the gagging, salivating and dry heaving, I couldn’t watch much longer. I basically just kept him close and comfortable until the effects wore off. It took care of the worms alright but at what cost? It almost took care of our cat!!!

The pills themselves, resemble a M&M Peanut candy and are about that size as well. They recommend coating with butter to get this “horse pill” down your cat’s throat. It was a real struggle and after the scratching, stress and strain of giving it to him, it was eventually swallowed. Poor kitty!!! I nearly never forgave myself for inducing this rotten treatment to our cat.

I learned from that too, after sharing this story with a new to us Vet, who is a cat person, that he made me feel like scum. He said he never gave his cats anything oral for Deworming. He always gave them and injection. Quick, simple and all done. The worms are history in about a day’s time. The affects also last quite a while.

This particular cat spent his days licking himself, our other cat and our small dog too. Unfortunately, he’d (like all other cats) ingest fleas. Fleas are know carriers of worms so he contracted worms too frequently for my comfort but I advocate, no oral Deworming meds for your pets. Only injections and they are worth the cost difference.

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