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Yesterday, I was killing some time in Wal-Mart waiting for a prescription to be filled by spending some time in the pet aisle. I was looking at some cat toys, and came across Hartz 3-in-1 Flea & Tick drops, for only $4.33. I thought, Wow, that’s pretty cheap! His Frontline has worn off, and Fall isn’t very far away, maybe I’ll go ahead and give this a try. So I get the formula for cats over ten pounds (my cat is a very large, healthy boy!) and a fuzzy mouse and go on my way. I follow the instructions on the back, parting his hair and putting it on the top of the scruff of his neck, tell him what a “Good Boy!” he was and don’t even think about it again. I thought it seemed a little messy, but I figured that it was cheap, so that’s probably why. I did this at about 5pm in the afternoon. He acted fine, he ate his dinner (a special treat! Wet catfood, for being so good!) and continued to act fine in the evening. Around 8:30 or so, I talk to my dad, telling him what a find I had found, since he’s got four cats of his own and has lamented on the cost of Frontline for all of them in the past–to my surprise, he FREAKS out! He tells me that he put that on his old cat years ago, and then he had to go and get his stomach pumped and have him hooked up to an IV! I initally thought, oh, well maybe they’ve made a better formula now since this was at least ten to fifteen years ago, but I was obviously concerned and decided to conduct a little internet research. I typed in “hartz+flea medication” into Google, and this was one of the very first sites I saw. I read two horrific stories on the front page, which was enough for me to go into panic mode and give my cat a very thorough bath! I then delved into the site a little more, read a little more of the stories…I went and checked my cat to see if he was dry, and noticed his fur was still a little waxy, so he got yet another bath, much to his dimay I’m sure. I kept waking up all night to check on him while he slept next to me, to make sure he was doing okay. He is fine, and I think it is thanks to this site! Even if nothing happened, a small chance is too high of a chance for my liking with my cherished kitty. I’ll never buy anything from Hartz again! I’m sorry to anyone who lost their friend or had to pay hundred or thousands in vet bills, but I am incredibly thankful that you shared your stories so that other pets, like mine, could be saved!

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