my dog is in the hospital

Last night we put Hartz flea and tick spray on my 12 year old Border Collie, Ringo. When we woke up this morning we realized that poor Ringo had been sick all night. He had diarrhea and threw up all over the place. He also couldn’t walk straight at all. Poor thing, he tried to walk to us and he would just kind of fall over and have what looked like little seizures. Also his eyes darted from left to right and couldn’t stay focused on anything. We took him to the vet and now he’s staying there getting some treatment through an IV. The vet said that this is much more common in cats than dogs and that the normal treatment time would be 24-48 hours. But we live in the Houston area and Hurricane Rita is about to blow through here, so Ringo can’t stay there for very long today before the vet clears all of his patients out of the building.

Has anyone else’s dog had symptoms like this? If so, did they pull through?


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