Hartz almost killed my cat

I have 2 cats, Tigger & Taz, who are the love of my life. My fiance and I got them about a year ago. We moved into an older house at the beginning of this summer and noticed that a week after moving, both of our cats had gotten fleas. Taz was about 10 months old at the time & Tigger about a year and a half.

We were planning on going to buy Frontline later in the week, but wanted something that would help them stop itching, because they seemed to be quite bothered by the fleas. So, we went to Petsmart, and asked numerous employees what Flea Product they recommended. We were directed to use the Hartz 3 in 1 Drop Packages. I read the back of the package, and figured everything would be fine.

We applied it to both of our cats, as directed. My little Taz, immediately acted like he was in terrible pain. My fiance & I panicked & called a local animal 24 hour emergency clinic. They told us that Hartz products were having adverse reactions on cats, and that we should bathe him in Pert Plus to try to get the product off of our cats. We bathed Taz, the younger one first, and he screamed more than I have ever heard him. No cats like baths, but he acted like the Hartz was just burning his skin. It was the worst thing I had ever heard. My fiance and I were practically in tears. We watched him for a minute and 10 minutes later he was shaking uncontrollably and having convulsions. We rushed him to the animal hospital and our once lively, happy. VERY energetic cat cuddled against my chest and couldn’t move. His ears kept twitching and he could not control his eye movements. They kept rolling back in his head and he kept shaking uncontrollably. The animal clinic we went to was very busy that night, so my fiance & I were in the waiting room for probably 2 to 2 1/2 hours before we even saw a vet. I was so scared Taz was going to die, because he did not stop shaking in that period of time. Other than the shaking, he could not move.

He ended up having to stay the night and the next day at the vet, and was given iv flushes, antibiotics, and muscle relaxant shots. The vet told us that she didn’t know if he would be able to pull through, it would depend on how strong his heart was. My fiance & I barely slept that night. Taz pulled through, and is a normal cat now, but it was the worst experience I have ever had. When he came home from the vet the next day, he was exhausted. Poor guy, he came and slept on my stomach the ENTIRE day. Needless to say, Taz, my fiance, and I were quite tired so we spent the day sleeping together. His appetite decreased, but eventually came back about a week later, and the vet said that was probably due to teh trauma that Hartz caused him.

My older cat, Tigger did not have a reaction to the Hartz products, thank God.

The Hartz company makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. How do people actually work for a company whose product kills animals, and has been known to kill animals. I do not, and never will understand this.

Samantha Hartfelder
[email protected]

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